US Government's botched Puerto Rico spin job emailed to reporter

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Don’t the emails have an unsubscribe link at the bottom?


GJELTEN: I don’t think it will, Robert. I mean, you know, at this regular morning press briefing that I was at today, I was the only reporter who asked about the president’s tweet. This is a briefing that went on for more than an hour. Not a single Puerto Rican reporter asked about it. Every one of their questions was about the progress on restoring power and water on the island. That’s clearly their top concern here for understandable reasons.


Can we shut off power and water to Trump’s properties until PR gets theirs back?


Congress can shut it off to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, but that’s unlikely as PR only has a delegate in the House.

Seems legit.


What’s interesting here, aside from the email leakage, is that the Pentagon communications team is spinning the situation and not the WH communications team. President Kelly?



I have to wonder how much of a “mistake” it is that the reporter keeps getting copied on these. There are some members of the permanent bureaucracy (or the scary “deep state”) who loathe the Bizarro World havoc the current administration is causing to their agencies’ missions and want to get the word out.


Spokespeople are told to say, “I am very proud of our DOD forces,” before conceding “there are some challenges to work through.”

There it is! The shaming. I knew it’d be in one.

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I heard that live. My thought was “Doi”. Considering 85% of the PR still has no power, I doubt they’re constantly checking the Trashboy in Chief’s Twitter feed.

On a side note, my wife has been in PR with the nurses union for almost 2 brutal weeks. 45’s laughable responses have lost all their humor with the bleak and heartbreaking situation she’s described to me. With the constant insanity coming from the administration it’s important to remember to not get distracted by all the propagandarrhea in the news everyday. All these actions hurt people.

My stomach churns with rage.


I’m glad the Trump administration is so incompetent. I would hate to see what they would do if they were behaving coherently.


If Trump finds out Puerto Ricans aren’t paying attention to his tweets that’s going to make him even less inclined to help them.


Leaking a bunch of stuff by dropping it in a mailbox somewhere is one thing. Copying a reporter on your email is another. Usually people try to avoid getting caught. Then again, maybe they are just adjusting to the Trump-based reality faster than everyone else. If you are going to do something wrong, do it unapologetically.


Probably not.

But Congress has the power of the purse – could they refuse to authorize paying the Secret Service for any trips outside of Washington DC (especially to Mar A Lago or anywhere with a golf course) until the destruction caused in Puerto Rico has been addressed?


From here:

  • Forty-five deaths in Puerto Rico have been blamed on Maria, about 85 per cent of Puerto Rico residents still lack electricity and the government says it hopes to have electricity restored completely by March.
  • One-third of the island lacks clean running water and just 8 per cent of its roads are passable, according to government statistics.
  • Puerto Rico faces dire medical crisis after storm

Only Trump’s base is with him on this one:


Initially adding the reporter might not be a mistake.

My name is the same as a British newspaper pundit with political ambitions, a Philadelphia artist, and a British real estate agent, and several others. Because I got a gmail invite right away (thanks, Charlie Stross!) I have the gmail address.

I get these people’s mail all the time. The first time I’ll reply back, politely, directing them to the correct person and asking them to stop sending me people’s personal information and credit card numbers and all sorts of insanely private stuff. The real estate guy, in particular, his customers constantly send me their entire financial history.

They apologize politely and then do it again… and again… it’s reliance on autocomplete, of course, but anyway they can’t stop themselves. I block them after the second email.


There’s that damn 36% again.


Memo: Who cares if we’re doing a really shitty job as long as we maintain the perception that we’re not doing a shitty job. Let’s put our energy there. Go team!


Wouldn’t better to put the energy in doing a not shitty job?


Trump is such a moral and professional hazard for anyone with experience or a shred of a reputation that leaking his foibles is practically a ethical imperative for much of the executive branch