How Ayn Rand and L. Ron Hubbard came up with their big ideas

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Never her saw her put her panties back on after they finished …

I think that’s how Ayn Rand was born.

I was more confused by posters of the moon/and the planets on the wall from the planetary society. You know because its suppose to be 1938. o.o

Who said she took them off?

Well they just finished having sex and they look a bit too big to have just pulled to the side.

You are assuming that Rand and Hubbard are intimate in traditional human methods. One of them came up with the idea of holding tin cans to see how you feel and the other considers rape to be the highest complement.

I’m just saying they might see the process a little differently than the rest of us.


This was originally a much funnier series of articles by Paul Bibeau at Goblin Books. I don’t know if Cracked got his permission to use it. They clearly didn’t credit him.

EDIT: Apparently Paul Bibeau is also wrote the script for the video. Thanks to Mark Frauenfelder for making me aware of that.

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Of course, the truth ends up that L Ron ended up creating dianetics as an actual bet with other science fiction authors over a poker game. So, half of this really happened :stuck_out_tongue:


Guys, come on.

What makes you think Ayn Rand wore panties? That doesn’t serve society.


Paul Bibeau should sue himself, because he wrote the script for this video. :slight_smile:


This comment thread went somewhere totally different than I was expecting…

If you’re not willing to go into Ayn Rand’s panties, then we’re all just twiddling our thumbs.


This is misleading: L. Ron stole everything from his son’s amphetamine-fueled ravings and Aleister Crowley.

I refer to him as L. Ron to avoid being sued.


Words to live by!


Let me guess they both knew Bob Heinlein?

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Fair enough. Didn’t see that anywhere on the video or Youtube. And the articles are still funnier :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for pointing this out! I love it when people notice the writing. It’s the only skill I have. That’s it. I can hold my breath for like, maybe 30 seconds. I don’t fuck up pancakes. We’re at the end of the list.


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