How could there be two famous people named Wink Martindale?

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The team itself was notorious, particularly because they were viewed as a traitorous departure of the Cleveland Browns from northeast Ohio. I’m not a sports fan, but even I couldn’t miss the outrage it caused.


The game show Wink is, as is unsurprising for an 87 year old rich and famous person from the 70’s, a huge, cranky Trumper…

But hey, he’s 87, and I’m not sick and it’s not a snow day, so Tic Tac Dough and The Joker’s Wild (joker, Joker, JOKER!!!) aren’t really on my radar anymore.


Why not, there were two musicians named “Englebert Humperdink”?

(OK, the modern one wasn’t born with that name, it’s a stage name taken from the original composer, but c’mon, it’s an even sillier name than Wink Martindale.)


One for each eye?


Beat me to it.


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Well, I can’t watch CBS football coverage without always going “James Brown. . . ?”


I refer to them as The Professional American Football Franchise formerly known as the Cleveland Browns.

For a while, Kareem Abdul Jabbar was tearing up the field as a running back for the Dolphins. Now, we all know that Kareem was talented, but even so…

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And ‘Muhammad Ali’ is what a friend of mine once called " the ‘John Smith’ of the Muslim world."


As I recall, the game-show-host incarnation of Wink Martindale discusses this briefly in a recent episode of the Go Fact Yourself podcast.

The nostalgia of a 70’s latch key kid. [Takes a deep hit]…[Exhales] Nice.

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