How defunding Planned Parenthood killed Star Wars' Old Republic

I know why they do it, I was asking a rhetorical question in response to your view of democracy.

But thank you for your response because I don’t think I learned anything when I got my B.A. in political science at an American university.


No, I think you just don’t think it’s an important issue and ignoring why it matters to some of us, and how literally not being in control of one’s body make one even further away from freedom.

I disagree. Fiction today serves the same function that stories/mythologies have always done, which is to point out some sort of truths of our existence. Humans are meaning-making machines, and stories are a key way that we make meaning. We can actually tease out greater lessons for our lives through fiction. And I’d say that Lucas was always somewhat political in his works. It’s pretty clear that the 60s counterculture in part helped to set themes in Star Wars back in the 1970s.


I get that you’re new here but please do go back and read the hundreds and hundreds of posts in political discussions here over, say, the last year. We don’t need PoliSci or Civics 101. We know these things. In fact, some of us have degrees, even graduate ones, in these things.



I’m working on my own B.A in Political Science, so far I’ve only done the basics. I understand that my view on democracy is lacking and that’s simply out of missing information & knowledge.

As enso pointed out, yeah i am new, and i decided to stick around for some of the other articles which is why i didn’t just drop this account after just a quick comment. I honestly wasn’t expecting anyone to reply, or for this to drag out as long as it has.

I didn’t realize before joining that there would be so many degree holders as i have already come across a few others. Had i known before hand that this website had a higher level of professionalism i wouldn’t have dragged this out for so long.

I can’t remember what i was looking up before hand when i saw this article pop up in Google search, i read it and toke it at face value, as Brainspore clarified the author was just poking fun at the franchise. I simply read too much into what the author was trying to do


Degree holders and old farts. A bunch of us are in our 40’s.

You get points for sticking it out with people grousing at you.


Thanks, that means a lot coming from one of the main ones hounding me lol but yeah i mean, i thought it’d be another youtube but with articles instead of videos, but i mean, educated people are my type of people.


Fifties here.:slight_frown:


Truly a sincere good luck on your future! And welcome.


How did you find this forum? It would be interesting to know how someone who cares about history and research but is still at the start of their adulthood came here for the first time. Especially considering your statement that you thought it would be like YouTube.


I honeslty can’t remember, clearly it was something Star Wars related, the “Defunding Planned Parenthood” + “Star Wars” both in the same sentence caught my attention right away, I live in Illinois, the governor wants to defund the clinics here so yeah, it peaked my interested

It was the first recommendation in the little articles sliding section, since it was the first i figured it was the common people’s entertainment that pushed it up so far and there would be more common people in the platform but clearly that isn’t the case

Edit: Leia & Does Vader know Leia is his daughter show up in my search history, but this article doesn’t appear again

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I think it says a lot about public attitudes toward reproductive health care that more people didn’t immediately notice that glaring plot hole.

If Anakin turned to the Dark Side because he had a premonition that Padme was going to die of an inflamed appendix then every theatergoer would immediately react with “What?? Are we seriously supposed to believe that’s a major risk in a society with advanced medical science?” But “dying in childbirth” seems like a totally legit fear and “total ignorance of a condition that should have been known from the very first prenatal checkup” doesn’t even get an explanation.


Then most certainly stick around and contribute AND listen to us old farts… I think you’ll find it worth your time.


I should have stayed in his thread for the popcorn.


I’ll share mine!



All we ask is that posts are in good faith: “I don’t agree with your argument, and here’s why” rather than “you’re an idiot for not agreeing with me”. Also, a facility with puns is useful.

You will learn a lot, and enjoy yourself if you stick around.


I’ll certainly stick around lol and thanks for your patience with me and my over thinking of the article :sweat_smile:


There’s plenty of us uneducated common people around here, too. :slight_smile:


Omg lol okay :))