Star Wars Episode 7 spy shots



This does look promising. I hope he doesn’t think the over use of special effects was the biggest problem with the prequels

Avatar was largely CGI and it really wan’t a problem in my mind. Characters and story please.

At least in a star wars movie the final scene can’t be a stupid fist fight (Like Star trek). it gets to be a stupid light saber battle.

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I find it heartening to see they are using a lot of “real” effects and characters.


For being one of the shittiest, most desolate places in the galaxy, a lot of important shit goes down on Tatooine. #AGAIN? #episodeVII


It’s like the old Doctor Who episodes. Most planets looked like rock quarries because it was easier and cheaper than building a completely new ecology from scratch.


At least this giant desert-dwelling beast has more believable anatomy than those CGI Dewbacks they stuck in the Special Editions. A massive animal would need big stocky legs to support its weight, like an elephant or Sauropod. Put bird-like legs on the thing and it looks goofy and fake, even if you can’t immediately figure out why.


Or Stargate SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe. Forest planet, sand dune planet, gravel pit planet, advanced technology planet that looks a lot like a Vancouver area university.


Thanks for that. I could never quite figure out why I hated those things so much…maybe this would have worked.

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Another example were those grazing creatures Anakin was goofing around with in “Episode II,” which somehow supported 1500-pound asses on tiny chihuahua legs.

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Those actually look so devoid of beleivable physical mass, that the tiny legs might work…

Maybe those creatures would have looked believable on a low-gravity planet, but they had to ruin that illusion by including Anakin in the scene.

Come to think of it, Anakin’s presence was one of the key things that ruined the whole prequel trilogy.


Those are visuall based on some kind of flea, right?

Mass doesn’t scale the same as size, Mr. Lucas.

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Maybe it was a long time ago, somewhere very small?


I hate to be that guy, but could you please put the images below the fold? I’m probably deluding myself that I can avoid the inevitable deluge of marketing that will lead up to the release date, but I’d much rather go into these movies totally cold.

and wet

Well, we can ascribe Anakin being born there to chance and/or fate, because The Force.

Everything else that happened on Tatooine is more or less a direct consequence of that. Anakin returns to see his mother. Obi Wan and Luke get sent there so Luke could get raised by Owen Lars, Luke’s grandmother’s stepson. Leia goes there to reach Obi Wan. Darth Vadar goes there to find Leia. And so on. Only Han being there at the right time really needs additional explanation, and since he’s a smuggler he goes everywhere, especially shitty, desolate backwater planets.

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Yeah, about that… why would they hide Luke, who was raised under his real name, with the only family in the entire galaxy that Vader already knew? That would make for an awkward family reunion.

If they were counting on Luke to grow up to be the savior of the galaxy then shouldn’t Obi Wan have just raised him himself on some distant planet that Vader had never even heard of instead of leaving him to a step-uncle who wanted nothing to do with the Jedi?

Most planets probably do look like rock quarries unfortunately.

And that’s not even counting how often it popped up in the (former) EU. Pretty certain there was an hourly direct flight from Coruscant to Tatooine by the end.

I dunno, Ron Jeremy as an Oakley-wearing Jedi seems like stunt casting.

At least he won’t need any CGI.