Watch the new Star Wars film "Kenobi"

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They really should change the series to “If a Jesus with a British accent had a Light Saber”


I liked it, even thou the Mainactor looked nothing like Ewan McGregor OR Alec Guinness. That Owen Lars was pretty much on spot.
And I really loved that bastard imp officer.


I’m still hoping Disney decides to do a Kenobi movie or miniseries.


So now thanks to Obi Wan the Empire believes that the Sand People massacred their troops. What does he think their reaction against the local population will be? It’s not an organization that’s well known for restraint and proportional response. As if Anakin’s genocidal rage on that one tribe wasn’t enough. Couldn’t he have just blamed it on a Sarlacc instead?


I thought the same thing. Sand People will now get massacred in response. Not cool!


How fortunate that someone thought to preserve this through the demise of Storify.


Still my fav SW fan “film”:


Eh, the imps and the Sandpeople would have clashed anyway sooner or later. Besides, I don´t think the Empire really gives two strokes of a dead dogs cock if some grunts on a backwater planet are killed by hostile natives. Thats the shit that happens all the time when you are a galaxy spanning fascist organisation, they have more stormtroopers anyway.


Then you are in luck. That is exactly what they are planning with Ewan.

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Overall very darn good, but personally, I think it could have been about 5 - 6 minutes shorter - The "staring into space contemplating something of Kenobi with the saber, kenobi on the hill, walking through the desert, Could have been WAY cut down.

Acting was very Prequel / Clone Wars. You could definitely tell it was a fan film with a oversize budget.

…but it is still one of the better fan films I’ve seen.

Makes you wonder why they don’t take that money and make something original… :slight_smile:

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Pretty good for a fan film. I’m sure that one stormtrooper is going to get written up for having such dirty armor. Maybe he refused to get new armor because it’s better protection than the shiny new armor (built by the lowest bid contractor) that doesn’t block blaster fire.


There were always a few problems with the presumption “The Empire will never find Kenobi or the kid here, in the Outer Rim of all places!”

First off, for a guy who’s one of the most hunted figures in the galaxy Obi-Wan didn’t even bother changing his last name. That’s just “Fake Identity 101” level stuff. Plus he’s apparently not even hiding the fact that he has Force powers since Owen openly refers to him as a “wizard.”

Second, they hid Luke in literally the ONE HOUSE IN THE ENTIRE GALAXY where Vader had living family members, basically down the street from where he grew up. What if he decided to come by for a visit on Life Day or something? “Hey Owen, sorry I haven’t been in touch. It’s been a bad year, what with me losing Padme and all my limbs and most of my skin. Anyway, I was in the neighborhood so I thought I’d… why hello little guy! Who’s this little blonde rascal? I didn’t know you and Beru had a nephew!”


NEW FAN THEORY: Jedi don’t actually have mind-control powers. Stormtroopers are just very agreeable by nature and/or reluctant to contradict anyone who might otherwise cut them in half with a lightsaber.

Bib Fortuna wasn’t hypnotized either, he just saw what happened to the Gammoreans who got in Luke’s way and figured he’d be better off just letting Luke slip him a fifty to take him to Jabba.


Listen, these aren’t the droids you are looking for, but even if they were, it’d be Somebody Else’s Problem.


Oh gad pls stop. George will re-make them. His fortune and empire will be poured into it. He will try to fix everything wrong - everything that makes it so right.

Although 1,2,3 just need to be deleted, machete or not. 9 ought to have a proper version.

But in places, he SOUNDED just like Alec Guiness.


Kids today have no idea what it was like to spent HOURS downloading a short video over a modem.


Plus they were created and trained to be obedient. Obedient to whom exactly is the sort of question that bioengineers have learned to not ask management.


Reminds me of a novel by Farmer where a guy is put in a subterranean prison cell he once had built himself. Only communication was with robots sending in food every day. Now, as it turned out, he had designed those robots to be obedient to anyone, so he could make a recording saying “release me” and return it with the empty plates. The idea being that any other man being locked up there would never figure out that such a simple trick would work.

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