Yeah, Obi-Wan Remembers the Truth Alright


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I always thought Kenobi was more convincing when he spoke of Luke’s dad being a peer, an equal among Jedi.The mealy mouthed retcon he spouts in 6 is about as convincing as Jar Jar.


Thank you. Whereas I liked the first video a lot, yours made me laugh for about twice as long as the clip itself. Very good.


I didn’t really care for the featured clip, but Rob’s response is hilarious.


I see this was done by two Beschizza…uz? Beschizz…ii? Beschizz…ex?




Yeah, even using those brief clips the connection between the two trilogies is completely unconvincing. Perhaps George should have actually watched his own movies before making prequels that directly contradicted so much of their established canon.


Right? Who does he think he is anyway, contradicting his own totally made up fantasy? The nerve!


Oh. A Highlander II fan.


Sounds quite like real-life changes of history interpretations.

I would like to see some longitudal analysis of change of who was the good and the bad guy along the history, in textbooks issued in different countries and different times, how social changes (wars, revolutions…) changed the Official Truths.


Ouch! A low blow. :grinning:


I feel like I’m in danger of spoiling a thirty-odd years old movie, but Kenobi’s account breaks down in the very next episode, The Empire Strikes Back, you know? So even when you stick to the first two movies of the franchise, Kenobi’s shown to be a pants-on-fire liar. That had to be resolved somehow, and Kenobi almost had to be involved, and not in a good way, else why lie about it?

There were many faults in the prequels, but I think the reason for Kenobi’s lie wasn’t one of them. Could have been written and directed better, mind you.


Among the multitude of problems I have with the awful prequels, is how much they rushed everything. From the original trilogy, I always imagined Anakin turned to the Dark Side and began his Jedi hunt long before he reached the point where he needed to be locked into a robotic suit–that, as with the Emperor, the Dark Side was something of a creeping disease that slowly rotted a person away, a physical corruption to mirror the ruining of the soul. At best, maybe he suffered some wounds while fighting a couple of the more powerful Jedi, gradually weakening him to where he needed mechanical augmentation. They could have had him acquire the exoskeletal bits in one episode and perhaps the full respirator/helmet at the finale of the next one.

But no. Chop-chop-burn and Anakin gets inserted into a ready-made Vader suit. And the Emperor goes from gallant to ghoulish in five minutes because of a little lightning to the face. Ta-da.


I wasn’t referring to the reason for Kenobi’s lie specifically- that’s one of the things that actually stays pretty consistent between the prequels and original trilogy, unlike, for example, Leia remembering her mother’s looks and personality despite her dying while giving birth to Leia, or Obi-Wan not recognizing R2-D2. It’s more the combination of that carelessness and lack of attention to detail along with the complete lack of chemistry or personality between the characters in the prequels. This makes Obi-Wan’s emotional reactions during that scene seem completely hollow and out of place. Not only the in-universe specifics, but the entire mood of the prequels was completely different. This is especially glaring when compared to Episode VII, which, while much different and modernized compared to the original trilogy, at least feels like it’s taking place in the same universe with some of the same characters.


The rushing of things is especially unforgivable considering that the entire first movie is almost completely unnecessary from a story perspective.


As well as being like six hours long with five separate parallel plots and no real protagonist or villain.


A kek for more civilized times.


But it really sounds like “making it up as you go along, regardless of what happened before.”


i almost feel like the force awakens is the prequel we never got. :slightly_smiling: