How defunding Planned Parenthood killed Star Wars' Old Republic

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Luckily it never happened again, because in between Episodes III and IV (Rogue One in the Oven) the Emperor repealed RepublicCare and replaced it with something terrific!


Not to mention cloning, which is itself basically a branch of reproductive medicine.


It never occurred to me before, that starships might not be the best measure of the advancement of civilization. Even Dark Helmet had starships.


[quote]Of course, talking about this in public has flushed out the trumpist crowd who hate lady-parts so much they’ll defend Revenge of the Sith rather than giving them their due.[/quote]Well now, that’s putting things into perspective, isn’t it?


Given Ep 1-3’s continued machinations around trade disputes and Senate in-fighting it wouldn’t have surprised me to see time spent dedicated to exploring Padme’s prenatal care regimen.


I loved this article like few things I’ve ever read. It was marvelous.


Yeah, the headline here is chuckle inducing, but the whole article is mindblowing. It gives you the “it’s so obvious” feeling.


I’m sorry, but the Star Wars universe does not start until episode 3 4, which is still episode 1 to me.

Thanks to @SteampunkBanana for the catch!


This is the precise area where my willing suspension of disbelief runs straight up against my suspicion that Lucas might be the guy who asked “how is babby formed” on Yahoo years ago.


Did you mean IV, A New Hope? Because I’m totally down with that.


Yup. I will fix. Thanks!

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Well, Anakin did force-choke Padme right before she gave birth, so it’s hard to say she was completely healthy…

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Irrelevant. Choking is still choking. The droid didn’t say “she had complications about the whole choking thing.”

The major point is that they didn’t even take someone with a fricking stethescope to listen and say “why, there’s two heartbeats.” They didn’t even use a mystical Force user to say “I sense three beings where I see one, two of which are major force users!”

They ignored the whole thing because womens is mysterious and George Lucas doesn’t want to think about ladyparts because it’s hard.


Malpractice-bot 1.0 specifically stated “Medically, she’s completely healthy.” Padme also had no apparent difficulty breathing or speaking, so those things would seem to rule out “crushed trachea” as a major cause of death.


Well someone didn’t pay attention to the movie. It specifically says that there was nothing medically wrong with her she just lost her will to live, and to suggest that it was because we never see her visiting a doctor on screen so therefore there is no reproductive healthcare is idiotic beyond belief

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Someone didn’t read the article either.


We don’t just know she never saw a doctor because it wasn’t shown on screen, we know because neither she nor Anakin had any idea she was carrying twins.


Also none of you superficial liberals understand the ideas behind the movie. It was about how Anakin had a fear of losing the people he loved and in trying to prevent that from happening he became what he swore to destroy and made his vision a self-fulfilled prophecy. Just because the pregnancy wasn’t featured on screen doesn’t mean that George Lucas or Star wars was sexist. Also padme new she had twins because she had 2 names right off the bat

You have a premonition that your pregnant wife will die in childbirth. Do you

A) Insist on accompanying her to an OB/GYN appointment so a doctor can ensure everything is OK, or

B) Betray everyone you ever knew and murder a bunch of kids at the behest of a creepy old dude who says he’s got some evil magic that can stop wives from dying in childbirth

Sorry, that’s some bad writing.