How defunding Planned Parenthood killed Star Wars' Old Republic

I can’t even get pregnant and I could come up with at least three names right now.


Maybe it’s actually all about ethics in the Expanded Universe?


Plus she pleaded with Anakin for the sake of their “child” (singular) on the lava planet. She had no logical reason to hold back at that point. Even if she had, she should have learned she was carrying twins long before she learned Anakin turned to the Dark Side.


I’m not sure what that has to do with it. Sure a lot of blood is being redirected from his brain to his loins, but…ohhh, you meant it’s difficult.


I’ll call you Hambone, and you can be Flippy…and you? We’ll call you Vader Junior.

See? Easy.


Could be the OB/GYN was lacking sterilized parsecs.


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More contemporarily, it could be said that even North Korea has space launch facilities.

Spaceball 1 had a mall and a 3-ring circus so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

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Because someone who didn’t know whether she was having a boy or girl would have no reason to have one of each handy.


Maybe she just wanted the baby to be a surprise, seesh. They both knew they would love the baby no matter how the baby would turn out.

Also, she died at childbirth because 1: The Force commands it 2: Lucas commands it 3: People can actually die from being extremely upset

" Anakin, your breaking my heart, you’re going down a path a can not go "*

I’ve heard of couples who tell their doctors they want the baby’s sex to be a surprise. I’ve never met a couple who asked their doctor to keep the NUMBER of babies a surprise.

As the essay points out, you don’t die just from being really upset or sad. Extreme emotional distress (including PTSD and postpartum depression) can lead to actual medical conditions but there are ways to TREAT those conditions, especially in a hospital setting. A real doctor wouldn’t throw up their hands and say “she’s dying from the sads, there’s nothing we can do.”


I remeber finding that whole droid birth scene creepy as hell, on top of being ridiculously unconvincing and and transparent as a plot device to kill off the protagists’ love and throw him into a rage.

As I rember it, she was laying on a bed with her eyes closed and raised her head to blurt out a name as each child was presented to her, followed by a quick death. No one intervened to even comfort her but instead stood by helplesslesly. Ugh.


3: Clearly you didn’t read the link i provided, although rarely fatal, it can still be fatal

Surprise: You are putting that quote in isolation, which is why i said " no matter how the baby would turn out " , rarely is the mother or baby at risk

Baby/mother rarely at risk, so they didn’t go

Broken heart rarely fatal, but it happened

It’s all plot, people are just reading too much into it.
Finding out they had twins would have made zero difference, they were going to be twins regardless.

If speculation is going to be made, it should be why didn’t Vader do anything about Leia while on Tantive IV, and even then it’s still plot

Cardiac failure brought on by extreme emotional distress (as described in your link) is a medical condition and can be treated if said condition happens in a hospital setting. That’s a far cry from “there’s nothing medically wrong with her, she’s just lost the will to live.”

That makes no sense. Anakin’s entire motivation for turning to the dark side was fear that Padme was at risk of dying in childbirth.


It’s always about what the man is doing, or worried about, right?

You’re not even trying.



[quote]Padme’s “Will to Live”

Since tweeting about the OB/GYN plot hole, I’ve received countless messages from men who are furious with me about letting “feminism ruin” Revenge of the Sith, which might be the first time that fans have ever crawled out of the woodwork to defend Star Wars prequels. A primary contention is that Padme didn’t die from medical causes, but merely “lost the will to live.”

This is logically irrelevant.

My point isn’t that Padme died of postpartum bleeding or eclampsia, my point is that Anakin’s transformation into Darth Vader is triggered by his fear of childbirth complications. Padme dies after his turn to the dark side: her actual cause of death doesn’t matter.

But that aside, let’s talk about how incredibly stupid “She has lost the will to live” actually is.

Consider the provenance of the diagnosis. It’s a medical droid that first says that they don’t know the actual medical cause of her rapid deterioration.

The droid then goes onto pronounce that she has “lost the will to live,” despite leading with an admission that they don’t know what’s wrong. How is that consistent? And why would a robot be programmed to detect “will to live”? In short, this droid is completely full of shit.

That said, depression after giving birth, and death caused by emotional shock, are both real things. But they’re medical things, with diagnosable symptoms and actual medical remedies. The same thing goes for a death caused by Anakin Force-choking Padme when she goes to confront him. A Force-choke is still a choke, and a choke is a physical cause of injury. If any of these things actually caused Padme’s death, then this droid is just an incompetent fuck who doesn’t know what it’s doing.

Death from “Broken Heart” Is Real

There really is an actual medical phenomenon in which people die of a broken heart. It’s called Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, or “broken-heart syndrome.” Grief from a loved one’s death can trigger one’s own death.

A study published by the New England Journal of Medicine in 2005 said that stress hormones can “stun” the heart into spasming. Most people recover, but some of them do die.

But the point is that broken-heart syndrome manifests as literal heart failure: the left ventricle of the heart spasms the way it does in a conventional heart attack caused by blocked arteries. But cardiac failure isn’t mentioned by the medical droid.

Being Real Sad After Giving Birth Is a Thing

And neither is postpartum depression for that matter. Severe depression after having a baby is actually very common, and there are real treatments available. But in general, you don’t really just up and die from postpartum depression. However, you’d think that if Padme were dying from being very sad, someone would at least mention postpartum depression? You know, in passing. Maybe even eliminating it as a possible diagnosis.

But no, in Revenge of the Sith, everything related to birth is just a big question mark hanging over the characters. Who even knoooooows how uteruses work? Sometimes they just kill people, randomly, because you get sad. [/quote]

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In this thread…



What’s amazing to me is these guys defending anything in Episodes 1-3. Star Wars fans HATE those movies. And the thing most often criticized besides the overuse of CGI is the lazy fucking writing. I admit I had never thought about how little sense this whole premise made, but it doesn’t surprise me, and shouldn’t surprise anyone who thinks those movies are shit. I have an inkling of an idea that maybe, just maybe, these guys aren’t actually Star Wars fans, but might possibly have some other agenda. Maybe.