How did the writing process between Avatar and Titanic differ?

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The video is not available in my area, so I’m going to go out on a limb and say, is the difference that only one of the films is based on White Saviour Tropes?


This was one of the most unintentionally ridiculous fight scenes ever.


What kind of dipshit designs a giant battle suit so that the operator has to make a mechanical arm grab an oversized bowie knife instead of just having a retractable blade come out of the arm itself? For that matter why have the operator inside the battle suit at all instead of controlling it remotely? The whole premise of the movie—hell, the damn title of the movie—is about controlling bodies remotely.


“Well, for Titanic we hired some hack writers to do a story and dialogue that wouldn’t distract from the SFX innovations. For Avatar, we made things more efficient by giving my 12-year-old nephew that script for Dances with Wolves and having him add the phrase ‘in space’ wherever he could.”

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"Decades before Avatar "… Titanic 1997 , Avatar 2009.

Avatar was good from a technical point, but as a story … blew chunks. Cameron is all about developing the technology and then wrapping it with a so-so script. Next installments won’t be any different.

Didn’t get suckered into buying a 3D TV at least.

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Plot twist: Colonel Quaritch was controlling a cloned version of himself remotely, which is how he apparently is still around for the sequels.

(As dumb as that premise is it would actually be more technically straightforward in that universe than controlling an alien/human hybrid, and would make some amount of sense to do with soldiers going into battles)


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