How dumb Social Media rules punished me for a Lovecraftian parody of Billy Joel

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A preview of the future, where a human spends time in fruitless contention with AIs both fast (Twitter’s moderation algorithm) and slow (UMPG) working in tandem.


“Citizen, we have received a takedown notice against your face. The algorithm has judged that you look too much like the copy-righted celebrity visage; and so, we are here to apply ad hoc cosmetic surgery to your face. Pass me the bat.”


Here’s someone else’s version, which has managed to escape the lawyers for now…



Piano Man is just a series of limericks, so it’s not surprising you can sing other limericks to it.

And I think Joel has admitted as much.

Edit: which makes the takedown even more ridiculous.


Just playing a damn song and recording it should not nock your post off social media. This is stuff is just insane. It’s not winning anyone any fans. Great parody tune btw.

I’m just over media hitting the wrong people for takedowns. They could at least spend they’re time going after actual pirates instead of those that may the public actually want to buy the thing they were trying to protect.


You are some decades late. There is at least one story in which an otherwise uninteresting man is a doppelgänger of a famous actor he never heard of. This comes to his agents attention and he gets sued, because it’s illegal to duplicate a famous copyrighted face. Regardless of wether it’s natural or artificial. He has to get plastic surgery and get a new face.

As a result he develops an obsession with this actor, studies his manner of speech, voice, methods and becomes the best impersonator of him.


Gordon R. Dickson, “Computers Don’t Argue”, circa 1965. The only online copy I can find outside a paywall is a painful read.

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