How ESPN writer Bill Barnwell lost 125 pounds last year

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Oh, that’s a much more inspirational story than what I had in mind. I was imagining a skinny guy who ended the year as a head in a jar.


I thought he got scammed in Britain.


When I saw the headline, I thought this was about a different essay recently making the rounds from a different TV guy, but that was Aaron Bleyaert.

Needless to say, this does not go where you expect.
How to Lose Weight in 4 Easy Steps


Step 3 is the bitch!

The thing that i’ve noticed about my eating, more so this past year, is that i eat too fast. Like i’m a ravenous dog that hasn’t seen food for a week. I don’t know why that is, when i started eating like that but i sure would like to change the behavior. Though i know i’ve had this habit for at least the past 10 years, i never gave it a second thought.

The past couple of years i had been real good about cooking at home and i had a job close enough that i could bike to work and my weight was great. But the last couple of years i’ve put on weight, and i’ve been eating out a bit more even though i try to eat healthy when at home.

I ended last year on a high note despite a lot of personal hardships, so i’m hoping to continue and actually take care of myself. I don’t believe in “new year resolutions”, i just want to be more responsible with my health and be more active. Doing these changes aren’t easy, especially when you’re already dealing with a lot of other emotional stuff so i sympathize with the author. At some point you have to actually try and do something different with your habits.

Thank you for sharing that, my eyes are rather ■■■■■ now… The last line in step 3 got me:

"It’s about being able to wait. Waiting, being patient, and trusting that life will slowly inch along and things will eventually get better. After all, change takes time. "

I lost my wife to cancer 20 months ago, and this sums up how I really need to start thinking now. Could do with some weightloss as well (see avatar :sunglasses:).


Is there a word for the nausea I experienced when I read this? [quote=“frauenfelder, post:1, topic:71574”]
I would struggle to pick between two fast food places and just stop at each of their drive-thrus, hiding the soda cup and the wrappers from the first one so the second cashier wouldn’t see

I’ve always felt sick watching eating contests or reading about people gorging. I felt equally nauseated reading his account. I’m not skinny and I don’t have a hard time watching people eat in general, and I don’t have any problem with fat people at all. It’s the compulsivity piece that triggers me. It’s enough to make me wonder if I died from anorexia in a prior life or something.

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There was a British show called “Secret Eaters” that I binged on (ha!) that was so weird to me. People who were tyong to lose weight and couldnt agreed to be observed for a week. They knew they were being watched that there were cameras in their homes and still they secretly ate. In the bathroom. In the shed. But mostly in their cars. It was seriously eye opening for me.


I liked step 4, no fruit juice. Going to start there. :slight_smile:

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