How far into the horrific past will 2017 regress?


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH we examine how far back into mankind’s morally horrific past this current year of 2017 has regressed.




Lest we forget:


Well, yes, the Civil War could have been avoided through compromise. Lincoln basically said he would do what ever it took to keep the Union whole. The CSA wasn’t willing to, knowing that eventually they would not have the political power to keep slavery legal.


Blimey ivy.


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I agree with you!


Hell, candidate Trump promised to bring back the good ol’ days of torture. Or at least not try to hide the fact that we’ve been doing it all along.


As far back as it goes.

From primordial muck



I love Tom the Dancing Bug!


I gotta say: this thread is looking a little barer than it did.




Right now, America is turning me off.


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