How good is YOUR state?



Nice job, Rick Perry and Greg Abbott


Michigan at 33 proving once again that it’s really a slice of the deep south glommed onto the northern tier.


My home state of Illinois is below the mean, at #29. This is genuinely surprising to me.

Meanwhile, Indiana, which was a wasteland when I lived there, was ranked #22 :confused:


If Washington’s infrastructure is at #2, I’m scared for the rest of the country.


I can’t fucking believe it. I damn near fell out of my chair when I read that. #2? Are you kidding me?

We have terrible public transport, 1 major airport, permanently delayed rail projects, awful traffic, a history of bridges that can’t seem to stay upright, and never ending road construction.

That just has to be a mistake.


That’s objectively wrong. There’s no way NC is in the top 50% even by the skin of its teeth.


The best.
My state is the best.

Says so right at the top of this article.


Congratulations, Mississippi! You beat the spread!


It’s still a wasteland. This list is composed of lies. I’ve lived in Iowa, it’s only a great place to live if you really like being bored. At least in North Dakota, you can go Curling.


If I’ve learned nothing else from these lists, and I haven’t, it’s that “great places to live” = “places where white people can feel safe”


I dunno, I think white people can feel safe in any of the bottom-rung “red” states, too.


I wonder how Puerto Rico feels about never getting included on these lists. I have to imagine that life on a lush tropical island territory must be at least marginally more interesting than the rural midwest.


Hawaii is #27. It’s no Indiana.


Well sure, but we don’t like to think of ourselves living in the same conditions as the Poor White Trash ™.


Galloping Gurdy was a test bridge, not a real one!


Oregon, #1 in infrastructure. This confirms my hypothesis:

  • There is an inverse proportion of quality of infrastructure and quality of drivers


Even Oregonians (Oregonos?) think Oregonians can’t drive?


Oh god yes. It’s like every Oregon driver on the road is stuck in a permanent video game training mission, and they never advance.


Fucking A. Not that WA drivers are that great but Oregon drivers always get a wide berth from me.

@japhroaig we have a top 5 list of most memorable bridge collapses!