Which US state matches your personality?


Got WA, live in WA, and love it. Guess the system works!

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It says I belong in the District of Columbia. I’d be murdered within a week.


Why can’t you be introverted and enthusiastic?


I was pretty surprised that I got belong in OR, live in OR. I wonder if it tracks IP address at all.


So it put me north of where I live, in Illinois. But which part of Illinois?

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Dude, its like, not about what State your body lives in, its about what state your mind is in. #deepthoughts


I also got WA: the state of my birth, though I left 38 years ago. I kind of want the test to also tell me where I least belong…

I like that you get Texas if you leave the questions at 4. Its the most average state… or state of mind I guess.

I got California.


Live in New York City once, but leave before it makes you hard.
Live in northern California once, but leave before it makes you soft.
-Mary Schmich


Just invert your previous answers.

Apparently the opposite of Washington is New Jersey.

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I was fortunate to live in the Centennial State for 2 fantastic years recently for a job. Then I was called to the place of my birth (TN) for a newer, better job. I miss Colorado every day.

And then I take this quiz. And it says I belong in CO. When I first moved there, a coworker told me that Colorado is like an amusement park for adults (she was very right).

Oh well- maybe one day I’ll get to go back for good.

Wear sunscreen?


New Mexico…

Odd, considering I refuse to live anywhere more than a couple hours drive to a coastline. Most of my life has been spent less than 60 miles from the Atlantic, Pacific, or Gulf. I’d much rather live around people I have little in common with, than live in a land-locked state. It’s pretty, but it aint for me.

I got Utah!

I don’t buy it. I’m perfectly at home in Southern California, but it wants to put me in Utah.

I like it dry, but not that arid. Also, I’m not that industrious, that cooperative, or that friendly. Neither am I blond enough. Anymore.


I got Narnia. What the fuck!


Live in NC and I get Arizona…what is this shi…

What is it with us, Rob? Our piety? Our cooperative team-player industriousness?

Our infamous agreeability?

Or could it be that Jason Rentfrow has never, ever set foot in the Beehive State?

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Yeah, I think what it mostly proves is that whoever designed the test either had no clue had to design tests, or didn’t understand the survey results, or both.