How hockey player Jamie Benn goes through everyone

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Daryl Reaugh is a cheeky gem of a color announcer. I wish he was tapped for more national broadcasts


I feel like Hockey really has the market cornered on truly colorful color commentators.


Baseball seems to have the worst announcers… although it may only appear that way because there’s lots of time to fill between all the action, with that offering more opportunities for idiotic remarks. I recall these two occurrences with great (a) embarrassment and (b) disgust:

(a) After NY Mets Daniel Murphy hit yet another home run in the 2015 NLCS, one announcer said this, and with great emphasis: “He’s a carbon-based lifeform!”

(b) 1982 Mets were on the road playing the Braves who were on their way to winning their division while the Mets were stuck in last place. The Braves were ahead in the game and eventually went on to win. Late in the game Hubie Brooks made a great running catch in right field then made a fine long throw to force one of the baserunners back. Watching this on cable back then, I got to enjoy this Brave’s announcer’s response to Hubie’s efforts: “I don’t know why he tried so hard. It’s not as if they’re going anywhere this year.”


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