How I upgraded a Mario kart papercraft model

So, I made a light cycle papercraft and made Luigi pose with it just for the fun of it:

Naturally, I thought it would look cool if Mario was also in the picture, with his classic kart. So I found a scheme of Mario’s kart, which turned out to be made with no regards as to how the parts would connect to each other.

Though eventually I’ve finished it, I decided to upgrade this scheme a bit for the generations to follow. Here’s how I did:

good work, I’m impressed :smile:

paper is fun to work with.

curious why you posted links rather than just posting the pics here?


Wasn’t sure if I can directly link from Deviant. Though you are right, posts with pictures usually work better.

well… let’s see:

yep, it works.

also, assuming it’s on the hard drive of the device you’re posting from, you can just drag the pic into the little edit window, too.

Okay, cool then. Updated the top post.

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