My Panzerhund Papercraft

The iconic monster of new Wolfenstein game is part Alien, part AT-AT walker, part Nazi tank, part Nazi helmet and also vaquely shaped like a dog. When I was thinking about my next papercraft project, I quickly decided on this one: it looks cool, there’s a nice bunch of reference photos on Bethesda blog (sorry, an age gate there), and I could actually use the technique of covering some simple shapes with “armor” plates for good effect.
I thought “if the head turns out okay, I’ll go with it”. Luckily I had the photos of the statue both from the side and from the front, so I just had to cut the parts and put them together. First version had a bit of overbite…

…but the second I was happy with…

And so I continued working on it, trying to keep some middle ground between making it too hard to assemble and making it too ugly. It got a bit harder as I approached the hindquarters, as there were no photos taken from the rear.
But at the end I got this:

which I’m quite happy with.

The scheme is not very user-friendly, but here it is!

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Damn. I have neither the patience nor the steady hands to do that.

very, very impressive. i’m certain I’d be driven mad by such an undertaking.

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