How icicles get their lumps


Toronto icicles? Is this a new euphemism for crack?

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How much salt is naturally in snow (I suppose that a salt crystal could be the nucleation point of the flake)? I remember large ripples in the icicles when I was a kid, but can’t imagine that there would be any appreciable salt on the house/barn/etc in the middle of nowhere.

Yes, I alwasy wondered about that too…
No, I didn’t.
Maybe there is salt in it because most of the humidity in the air originates from the oceans?
Or /puts on tinfoil hat/ it’s the chemtrail conspiracy!

There may be a more obvious source.

We never used any salt/de-ice stuff on our sidewalk/etc., but they did use copious amounts of salt on the hills near our house – I suppose that a salty-mist could travel a few hundred yards/meters when splashed by vehicles…

I’ve seen lumpy icicles hanging off trees in the middle of the woods. And I have never seen a smooth, conical icicle, nor a depiction of one, ever. Not thinking anthropogenic salt here.

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Good to see the University of Toronto pursuing research that’s important to Canadians. Now if only their sociology department could solve the lost mitten problem, we’d be great.

That was solved years ago.

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i see birds in trees and on roofs, pooping.

(and rippled sex toys)

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