How indirect allergen exposure works


I’ve always wondered why it’s assumed when it’s children but not adults when it’s just as big a deal for an adult. Someones trace amount of snickers handshake can ruin my day.

Well, this similar to why certain types of asbestos are more dangerous than others. If asbestos is well-encapsulated by paint, and no one plans to mess with it, it’s not a problem. The fibers are contained, and are no threat. However, if you plan to expose the fibers and shake them loose into the air — they’ll create a health risk. That’s why you should always test the makeup of a popcorn ceiling from the 1970s or earlier if you think you want to scrape it smooth. The test isn’t that expensive, and it’ll let you decide between remediation and a fresh coat of ceiling white.

Shelled peanuts sitting in a bowl aren’t that threatening because of the low risk of transfer. They aren’t gooey like peanut butter or dusty like peanut shells.

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