Immunotherapy and peanut allergies


This has been argued for some time, by immunologists, as I recall. All things considered, if this changes things any time soon, it would be the medical field moving fast.

One thing I’ve learned as a parent with small children an infants is that the most overprotective parents are also the loudest and seem to get themselves installed in regulatory agencies. A lot of the recommendations you will see as a new parent go well beyond any sane reasoning. We were told we shouldn’t give our kids peanut butter until they turn 12, which is patently ridiculous. We were also told that a car seat from 2006 is a deathtrap and must be thrown away, even though there is no specific problem with the seat. We’re also apparently bad parents because we don’t strap our kids down at night and instead let them sleep on their bellies, which they much prefer. Once they learn how to roll over there isn’t much you can do about it anyway. We also let them sleep with blankets, because we don’t want them to be cold.

Apparently our kids should have been dead many times over already.

My impression is that a lot of these recommendations come from people taking care of fragile special needs children and that for the general population the don’t make much sense.


Thank you, Maggie. Out of curiosity, why oral immunotherapy? Does injection immunotherapy not work for food allergies for some reason?

We need to keep reminding people - including parents - that some questions have actual right answers, which we often (as a society if not individuals) know, and if you choose to believe the wrong answer you and those you are responsible for will, on average, suffer as a result.

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In the past when I’ve posted the opinions of immunologists on BB I’ve been called a contrarian & a conspiracy theorist. They seem to be considered in the same category as chiropractors, homeopaths, and LENR researchers here. Glad to see the field getting some love!

Of course we have to be aware of food allergies with kids…but maybe if touching a peanut can kill you, you are supposed to die? - Louis CK.


You’d never get the peanut through the needle.


Depends how big the needle is :wink:

Anyway, I thought it was well known that kids who grow up grubbing in the dirt tend to be more healthy?


Growing up with a dog or cat apparently reduces your chances of Asthma by 30%

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