How intense are the El Niño rains in LA? Oh, El Pollo Loco roof collapsing intense


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What, an inch per hour? More like “how poorly-built are the taco stands in LA?”


Yesterday’s rain flooded our garage from the dirt alley, so I just got back in from shoveling a berm where the alley water flows like a river straight through our driveway. Rain started again just as I was finishing. At high water it broke and I had to re-shovel it, but since it already broke half of every shovel full was instantly carried away. I’ve marveled at how poorly the alley is designed. No consideration for drainage at all.


Looks more like a ceiling about to collapse because the roof leaks a lot. No point in fixing it when it’s not raining, amirite?


Yeah, I was going to say… do they just not get rain?


That’s what makes dealing with rain in SoCal so difficult- it rains so rarely that it’s not possible to really know what I should be repairing during good weather. On the rare occasions when it rains a little harder than it has in the recent past, new leaks pop up and whoops too late to make hay while the sun shines.


San Diego is getting more rain then I think it’s ever seen. The creek out back is ready for kayaking, by tommorrow motor boating.


Frankly, I didn’t see anything ready to collapse. The camera wasn’t pointed up.

One of those poetic headlines we love so much.


"The roof, the roof, the roof is full water.

We don’t need no… more water, let the mother fucker collapse.

Collapse, mother fucker, collapse!"

Oh that’s horrible and I feel almost bad about hitting reply.


For the past four years, no, not much.


Not a lot, no. We haven’t had a storm like today’s in four years. It’s been raining off and on for three days. This afternoon we got an inch of rain in fifteen minutes here in eastern San Diego. That’s on top of the inch or two we’ve already had this week. For comparison, we got 6.5 inches total for all of last year. And it’s going to rain for the rest of the week; at least two more storms coming back-to-back. And we usually get the most rain in February and March.

I knew I should have replaced the porch roof last summer. It’s leaking like a sieve. :frowning:


The building was built in 1910, seems to be doing fine, pendejo…


Flat roofs are a triumph of optimism in technology over experience.


An inch per hour is a lot of rain. I was in Montreal when about four inches of rain fell in about four hours about 25-30 years ago. They had to rescue people out of the Decarie Expressway with long ladders, power was lost all over the place, basements and some buildings needed to be rebuilt. And buildings in Canada, generally, are built pretty solid, so as to support the weight of snow.


Once I was visiting the LA area and came to a stop light where the it started to rain heavily to everybody’s surprise. Being an East Coaster I instinctively flipped my windshield wipers on. I looked around me as the light changed and realized that I was the only one with wipers on. Everyone else was content on driving impaired looking thru wet blurry windshields. Too cool for wipers I thought.

How are they driving now I wonder…


Well, now maybe those climate change skeptics will change thieir tune. Monsoons, wildfires, drought, melting glaciers, famine,catastrophic urban smog, flooded river basins, bizarre inverted winters, rising oceans,carcinogenic UV levels, deadly new epidemics, monstrous El Ninos, springtime for the North Pole…all of these they can shrug off.

But when your neighborhood El Pollo Loco gets hit…ir’s time to take action!


As a resident of So Cal, I can tell you that people (except for me, of course :wink:) here drive poorly pretty much all the time. Rain just makes it extra awful and scary to be on the roads with 'em.


I live in a desert somewhere north of LA, and our windshield wipers generally get rotted by the sun in between uses. Sometimes it’s easier to see in the rain without them.


It’s quite possible this was a flat roof, (the kind with a low wall around the top), and it just couldn’t drain fast enough. Water is heavy!


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