How Kazuo Ishiguro wrote "Remains of the Day" in 4 weeks



That cover… “‘The Remains of the Day’ by the author of ‘The Remains of the Day’.”


If I ever publish a first novel, I’m using that trick!


four weeks later, he finished Remains of the Day.

Well, he finished a draft. I’m guessing he and editors still had a lot of revising and tinkering to do.

This evokes many fond memories of NaNoWriMos years past. I should probably do it again this year…

(to save yourself a google: National Novel Writing Month, 50k words in 30 days )

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I think you’ll find you may have to settle for doing it next year. :wink:

(Unless you happen to have access to a time machine. in which case, please make it an autobiography!)


I worked most my life as a technical writer and this is my experience of how most writing gets done. I used to worry about all the time I’d waste leading up to deadline but then with time I became comfortable that one day everything would click and I’d sit down and spend the next few days dumping it all out into a Word file. Then editing. But I can’t imagine writing any bother way.

If a NaNoWriMo results in even one The Remains of the Day, then that vindicates the entire endeavor. However, I think you’re more likely to get a 50,000 word fan fiction story about the forbidden love between an English gentleman and Adolf Hitler.


If I ever directed a movie and somehow my agent managed to score me a vanity credit, I’d never use “A Donald Petersen Film,” particularly on my first one. No, that one would have to read “The Donald Petersen Movie.” Since, y’know, there’d only be the one. And I don’t think I could ever bring myself to make “films.”

I would totally read the hell out of that book.


Viscount Rothermere? I think you’re talking about the Daily Mail there…


I wrote a good chunk of my thesis in a 55 hour binge. No drugs, no mania, just pure flopsweat. The results were surprisingly coherent.

I also did a large website a couple years ago while suffering from the flu and unable to sleep because my sinuses were draining blood, which I was spitting into an Arby’s paper cup. Even though i could barely see the screen because of exhaustion, it actually went pretty well. Luckily after two nights of only a couple hours sleep I was able to get more rest otherwise I might have ended up in the hospital.

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