How long can you listen to this over-five-hour rendition of "The Song That Doesn't End"?

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Our daughter was born in 1985 that song will forever be part of her childhood, she’s still friends with a girl that went to the same daycare and stayed at our house everyday before and after school through high school.

Sheri Lewis and Lamb Chop was big in our house, as big as Power Rangers and those crazy turtles.

The two of them will still sing the song.

It was a sad day when Sheri Lewis passed away at such a young age.


Heaven 17, the Penthouse and Pavement album.
Side B, last song (#9): We’re Going To Live For A Very Long Time.
On vinyl.
Know what I mean?


If it’s anything like Sonic Youth’s “Expressway to yr Skull” (side B, last song of EVOL on vinyl), then yes, I do.

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Oh, I got that beat, I have a track on an LP that’s nothing but infinite songs.

Though realistically, they play only as long as the vinyl and/or stylus hold up.

It’s been many, many years since I’ve seen “Play-Along” but the song lingers on. However I remember the lyrics differently. Here it says “This is the song that doesn’t end / It just goes on and on, my friends.” Wasn’t it “This is the song that never ends”? It’s a better rhyme for “friends.”

Parenthetically, we watched all the PBS morning shows along with our kids, and Shari Lewis’ show always struck a sour note with me. There was a undercurrent of hostility between her and her characters. They spoke to each other with a heavy dose of snark, always putting each other down.

If you make it through five and a half hours, try this version on the Eternal Jukebox next

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WEIRD FACT: also a writer for “Star Trek”

She wanted to act on the show as well but they cast somebody else

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One verse is enough.

Im Not Listening Hear No Evil GIF by PlugYourHoles

Pausing to think about listening to it, for about 10 seconds, was my limit.

Yeah, not actually going to listen to it. Just reading the title has me “hearing” it in my head already, so thanks for that. However I do have to share information about the document I keep on our server for testing printers.

Title: This is the Print That Will Not End
Head: Print DateTimeStamp

This is the print that will not end
It just prints on and on my friend
Some techie start printing it a long, long time ago
And now it prints forever ‘cause it’s the ...
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We have a bunch of guys we’ve collected over the years under the tree, I was looking at them today and saw Lamb Chop from when our daughter was 7 when that song got stuck in my head.

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