How long will it take my baby son to defeat the Strong Suction Silicone Plate?


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I don’t want to be seen in this community as a “brown-noser” but it is your kid, dude. You’re something of a legend.


You did the video in portrait just to annoy certain BBS members didn’t you @beschizza?

Also cute kid.


What an outstanding baby! Good work, @beschizza! We expect great things from this tiny happy mutant in the future…



Hot glue. Or just save time, have your kid eat out side on a washable tarp. Kid and tarp clean up with powerwasher set on low.


We bought these mini clamps to keep our silicone tray down

We carry them with us along with a travel silicone tray, and while it might seem a bit overkill the setup is extremely sturdy.


The kid will eventually figure out how a keyboard will defeat anything.


Much less time than it took to open the safe, I reckon.


Our kids defeated similar.

Ended up going with eating straight off the table until they outgrew picking up the plate.


Clearly, @beschizza should have waited until Alfy was born to let him try it!


Speaking of babies and suction…


Rivets…the solution to the problem is rivets. If you rivet the kids hands to the arms of the chair, he can’t pick up the plate. I’m a genius.


You can buy some cheap plates at the dollar store…


“This Dowton Abbey pantomime grows tiresome. I shall be eating directly from the tray as is my custom, and if there is to be any apology for that, it will not be mine”


He is. But to be fair, that gallery of pics of @beschizza 's kid getting stymied is also a growing legend.


You have made a powerful enemy on this day. :neutral_face:




That definitely sounds like a ‘Tom Poston’ solution!



But his eyes! They’re just eyes! Are we sure this is a real @beschizza?


You have apply saliva onto the suction cup to make if effective.:thinking: