How many cheerios can you stack on your sleeping baby?


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Daddy’s precious little unicorn…


Can we still try this if we got his/her nose and can’t remember where we put it?


Ah, Cheerios! The monkey chow of parenting! Surely if aliens are keeping humans in a zoo in some far-flung planet, they are feeding them Cheerios.


this is the best use of babies since… well, i can’t think of another use.


This looks like the most fun, but I don’t know about best…

There is a reason that I do not, and should not, ever have children.


oh, i like that idea too. simultaneously adding to their developing immune system database from the nearby environment, thus making them STRONGER. multitasking FTW!



My kid is not a baby anymore.


Wait for it… GOOD BABY! Now eat your treats!


It’s even easier for older kids, cause you can use whole boxes of Cheerios, instead of individual pieces.


You’ve clearly never seen my child sleep.


Yeah, the downside of that is that you have to keep having babbies, because they won’t clean your floors anymore after they start walking!


Substutite “dump” for “stack” and the number goes way up. Isn’t math amazing?


I do have a kid, and I’m not sure I should. But so far I’ve keep her alive and mostly happy.


If you have adult children, just sneak into their houses while they’re asleep.


Well, they are damn tasty.


Wow, wish I knew this was a thing when I had babies around! I did enjoy stacking quarters on my cat’s head, but didn’t count them, just wasn’t thinking about my place in history. Pretty sure I had 3 or 4 bucks there. But I don’t know if I could stack 18 cheerios on a table, dude has SKILLS!


it’s always the most obvious thing that i tend to miss.


Hint: you can always cheat with superglue.


hundreds of teens in 2030 are saying WHY!?!