How much would you pay to go on an 8-day Gone Girl-themed cruise?

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I’d just like to second that West-Knights’ account of her experience is worth reading, particularly for the ending which took me by surprise but was also perfectly in tune with the story she told.


After learning how contaminated they often are, there are no cruises in my near future.




The question might be better phrased, “How much would you pay me to go on any cruise whatsoever?”


The thing to remember if you ever actually consider going on a cruise is that you’re really just paying to be stuck on a floating hotel. Would you book a vacation where 90% of your time was stuck in the hotel?

For argument’s sake let’s say the hotel is very nice and the food is great, you can spend lots of time on their roof deck or in their pool, and every couple days they let you out into the most touristy part of the city for half the day-- that still doesn’t sound very enticing, to me anyway.



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My wife and I are fans of cruises but only cruise lines that have very small ships (less than 800 people) and itineraries that are destination focused which include multiple days and evenings in each port. No water slides or go-karts either (no kids at all in fact). We like to think of it as a nice hotel that floats and takes you to different cities.

It’s more expensive than the mega-ships with thousands and thousands of tourists disgorging onto a Caribbean beach every day but worth it because we get to spend time in small towns such as Cienfuegos, Cuba (and the Cascate El nicho waterfalls in the nearby Gran Parque Natural Topes de Collantes national park) that the big ships can’t get into. In fact we’re off to Spain next month for a western Mediterranean cruise with multi-day excursions scheduled in Barcelona, Seville, and Lisbon with all day stops in Valencia, Cartagena and Gibraltar.


Thanks, but I’d rather just walk there.

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