If you like broken windows and the smell of urine, here’s a $5 hotel in Japan you can stay in

Originally published at: If you like broken windows and the smell of urine, here's a $5 hotel in Japan you can stay in | Boing Boing

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Y’all would be paying $1000 a month in NYC and be all like “its right in the middle of all the action!”


I’ve seen worse, a lot worse.


Five bucks a night leaves quite a bit left over for Febreeze.


$5 a night? Or $5 an hour? :thinking:


That’s for the whole hotel.

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Yeah, I stayed at a hotel in Manchester that had a window that wouldn’t shut (in winter), everything smelled of cigarettes, and there was no TV. It cost me 50 quid a night.


Honestly, I have stayed at worse places.


The audio just said a funky smell, Who’s to say it was toilet-adjacent? The possible sources are endless!

I stayed in a “hotel” in Central America, where the mattress had no sheets, the window had no glass, the toilet had no seat, and the shower was not something I wanted step into with shoes on. But, the door locked, and the open-to-the-elements window wasn’t much of a security concern on the 6th floor.

It was $6 for the night, which was my budget range at the time, as I was making $1 an hour waiting tables in a place where there was no tipping. It was fine!

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Yeah, early 80’s Panama I had a few go to flop houses that were $1.00 US. Not bad, but the flea bites were irksome.

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My dad had some stories about Panama and Colombia in the 60s, that usually ended with him saying “and then it gets fuzzy, I uh, don’t remember the rest”. It wasn’t super convincing, like he didn’t want to tell his daughter about the more extreme debauchery of his youth, go figure.

But, I recall specifically that he found the scent of Nag Champa incense to be reminiscent of a Panamanian brothel, so he didn’t leave out all the debauchery.


I may have sought comfort there as well.

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This hotels needs to be hooked up with…

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