How Nick Young became the "confused guy" meme

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I liked the part where a teacher was using a “meme sticker” of this while grading papers.


a few years ago at my current job we had a very un-liked higher up. when they left we removed the name tag from the office door and renamed it “mordor”. it sat as an empty office, got used as a conference room or for small private meetings for almost a year. at one point some consultants came in and were using the room to…do consultant stuff…and as i was getting up to go to lunch one day a suit steps off the elevator, looks at me, and said “excuse me, can you point me in the direction of mordor”…i have never laughed in someone’s face harder…and when i finally stopped laughing i was just like “one doesn’t simply walk into mordor”…but as his look of confusion grew i just pointed him the right way. highlight of the year for me.


Yes, there are degrees of famous and I still know nothing about this person. But then, I’m truly not a sportsball follower, so maybe I don’t count.

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