How not to ground a gasoline generator


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That is fucking awesome! I’d say it had to be a joke, but my personal experience tells me otherwise. When I lived in Japan, when I moved in, some people came and installed a refrigerator. Well over a year later, I was running a ground wire from a power conditioner for audio equipment in the next room to the nearest ground, which was the ground for the refrigerator (the ground is broken out into a separate wire which is screwed into the ground there.) only to discover that they’d screwed the ground wire for the fridge into the ground without stripping the insulation from it.


This definitely needs a bigger bucket. Something like a 5-gallon ought to work.



The application as pictured would be perfectly alright if they’d used coffee grounds in place of the dirt & pebbles as coffee has been Proven By Science to accommodate a much bigger energy kick.

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They should have pounded the ground rod through the bottom of the bucket (and the catwalk) so the exposed top part was only a couple inches high. Then it would be perfectly legit.

It’s a metaphor for big companies that consult lawyers on what would be the absolute minimum compliance of government regulations.


Man, those guys are so dumb. They should screw some lightbulbs into that dirt to help disperse the current. Jeez…

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It’s obviously got what plants crave


To be fair, pretty much anyone can rent a generator, and I sure can’t think of a series of unambiguous infographics that would convey this concept well.
Plus, it probably doesn’t need much earthing, if a charge builds up it’ll just arc to the grating it’s sat on. (mainly joking about that)

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