How surgical abortion works



This comic is about medical abortion. It suggests getting information about surgical abortions at or


“At ten weeks the embryo is still so small that it cannot be seen when it passes out of your body.”

I dunno … define “cannot be seen.” An embryo at 10 weeks is 1–1.5 inches (21–40 mm) long. That’s definitely visible in my book. Is she saying that you wouldn’t be able to see it among all the other stuff that gets passed with the embryo?

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“30 percent of Americans with uteruses will have an abortion by the age of 45. The topic has been deliberately muddied with bad information and intellectually dishonest shaming.”

How intellectually honest is it not to name the group that does have abortions? It’s not people that have abortions, it’s women - adult human females. Female has a specific meaning in biology, and while not all females will gestate a pregnancy and give birth, only females can do this. This is a retrograde step, harking back to the days where women and their biology were treated with disgust and fear. Women have the right to talk about issues relating to their biology unashamedly, and is not exclusionary to use the term for all, as after all, by default if you are pregnant you must be female. The true exclusion is rendering women mute, taking biology specific issues and turning into being about “people” and the true irony is that the cartoon is all pretty in pink, clearly color coded for women as is the pink outfit a girl baby is placed in at birth, and rather tediously adds in a explanation of pregnancy (despite women considering abortion clearly doing this exactly because they know the score) but carefully omitting any mention of this being about being a woman and being female, sorry, that’s people and persons isn’t it?

The thing is do we call a spade a spade or do we call it a digging receptacle and leave everyone confused about what it is that is being talked about?

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