How Sweetheart candy hearts are made


Actually they are composed of a metamorphic rock formed from the interface between treacle deposits and chalk.


Nonsense - they’re shock crystals caused by the sixth Elephant (the one that missed the Disc) smashing into the Jam Butty mines.


I always assumed they came from here…


Do they still have “FAX ME?” I think that was in the first round of modernization.


My dad proposed eating a roll of NECCO wafers in the dark and trying to guess the flavors. Good times!




Isn’t the real question why candy hearts are made?


Nah, that one’s simple: Late stage capitalism.


Mine just figured that that would end up with a lot of little packets empty (and a lot of waste material) really fast and figured that the tide just wasn’t worth opposing. (still riding the wave of chalky sugar high!)


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