Hieronymus Bosch pinatas


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No way, Necco Wafers are awesome. May I suggest Wax Lips, Candy Corn, Nik-L-Nip, or the ever popular toothbrush?


I love NECCO, and its cousin, Valentine Hearts. Fun fact: New England Confection Co.

Also, these pinatas are non-functional, because who could bear to smash them? They’re too awesome!


Filled with candy corn and those powdery disks that come wrapped in a plastic tube.



I wonder if he also does Dalí pinatas?


Which is why they remind me of Alebrijes but with more muted colors. Here are some pictures of Alebrijes I recently took at the regional museum of Cholula in Puebla México.


Toured the factory, didn’t get the T-shirt

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