How the Apollo 11 rocket was projected onto the Washington Monument

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Atlas Rocket? That is the Saturn V.


Of course. Momentarily forgot. Thanks!


As someone who works in a field closely related to A/V, I was most interested in the video projection systems for the monument. Too bad they didn’t even touch on the requirements to get that level of light reflected off white marble. Looks like they did a great job, wish I had been there.


Now do this at the VAB in Cape Kennedy. Make it a weekly or monthly show and do other launches…heck if Space X is inside open the doors at the end and throw some light on it.



A couple of things I always feel is so awesome about watching the footage of a SaturnV launch, and they definitely caught them both in this projection piece:

  • At the ignition and throttle up of the rocket motors, there is first a billow of flames around the bottom of the rocket, and as the thrust builds that ball of flame is sucked down into the exhaust duct under the launch pad, and you realize the power of that thrust is dragging all the air in the vicinity down and out with it!

  • Second is the stunning contrast between the slowly rising SaturnV and the velocity of the exhaust coming out of the engine bells, and you realize this immense rocket, 35 stories tall, is standing up on a column of gas, no more substantial than the air you breath, but think of that gas as being piled up underneath the rocket as fast as a billion little hamsters pushing gas into those engine bells could push it!


high speed cameras from SaturnV launch: Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch Camera E-8 - YouTube


Was it done with projectors? I bet it was.

Now to read some words and watch some videos to find out if they’ve invented some new technology for the masses…

Washington DC, the city that’s always happy to see you!

Local monument joke. Sorry.

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There were moments where the framing really wasn’t working because they also covered the lunar landing itself and that is obviously not a “vertical” moment. But otherwise it was pretty amazing.

Included my own unimpressive photo from the night I went.


50 year Apollo 11 Moon landing anniversary - videomapping on Prague’s Žižkov TV tower.
4:50 the rocker appears
9:16 zero, liftoff


Projection mapping, cool shit. First time I saw it was at Montreal’s MUTEK festival during Amon Tobin’s set. I think he was using the tech in live shows before a lot of other people. Holy cow it BLEW MY MIND! :exploding_head:

They do some good stuff at the Sydney Opera House with this stuff!

1.) And 50 years before the Apollo landing were the first flights across the Atlantic.
2.) As a screen, the aspect ratio of the Washington Monument is suited to this and not much else.
3.)Nobody has complained yet about vertical video?

Dick pics?

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I always thought that it looked best when wrapped for our protection.


There was a brief plan to set that scafolding up at a different location (it was free standing) when they were done with the repairs, but nothing came of it.

I can’t find anything that says what happened to it.


Hate to go off on a tangent here but it could be a sine.

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So the future of rocket propulsion is hamster farts?

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