How the Chinese government fabricates social media posts for strategic distraction

Oh that would never happen here! Who would ever be so foolish as to question the official story?

Our government would never do anything like that, it would be un-American,


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“strategic distraction”:

“When Trump paid $25 million to settle a class action lawsuit for fraud over his now defunct Trump University, he simply sent a tweet condemning the cast of a Broadway musical for publicly embarrassing his vice president-elect Mike Pence. The incredible fact that the President-elect was sued for fraud has quietly sunk into the murky depths.”

“While new details emerge about Russia and his ties with the Kremlin, Trump is tweeting about the Apprentice, Meryl Streep and Arnold Schwarzenegger.”


Typical. More slander and fear mongering by despairing westerners who are jealous of China’s growth and prosperity.

(That’s “50c” as in 50 cents per post, right?)

Fake nooz amirite? Actual things, happening, are teh slanders!

Fake news is not a problem in China. We have eliminated all untrustworthy media so that our citizens are always able to make informed decisions.

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