How the coronavirus response reveals the arbitrary bullshit of so many US policies

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Ya. “Communism” is ok during a crisis. After the crisis is over, we can all go back to scratching each others’ eyeballs out.


At what point do we claw back all that money Michael Chertoff raked in when he scammed TSA into buying ineffective X-ray scanners?


“When”? How about “If”


Of course it will all go back to business as usual. We are completely OK with the poor and marginalized dying slow painful deaths as long that those deaths happen in a distributed and somewhat random fashion that is easy for us to overlook. What we cannot abide is being reminded by our latent institutionalized cruelty that death and suffering exist in large or unavoidable instances that we have no choice but to witness.

“Let the poor die slowly and quietly, lest the wheels of progress become fouled with gore and there be no one remaining to clean them.”


I dunno…once critters get a taste of freedom it’s hard to herd them back into the cage.


Those most likely to interpret current actions as proof that free market capitalism is wonderful and correct are already living in cages and, although present circumstances may show them the door, they’re not about to venture out.

This will return to normal eventually. All of these policies, procedures, fees will be re-instituted. Because, fuck you, you have no other option other than to put up with them (which is why they existed in the first place).

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^^^ What he said @ActuallyARegular ^^^
There Is No Alternative.

Great article @thomdunn Éire go Brách!

You’re close to what I think is the elephant in the room: TSA checkpoints as a whole. Shoes that have undoubtedly walked across covid-19 are still going into bins shared with backpacks, laptops, cellphone, keys etc. Dozens of hands are touching each bin each day, and as far as I know the bins are still being circulated back into the stack without being sanitized.

Presently, the risk of another 9/11 is low. The death toll of another 9/11, even if there is one, is mighty low compared to those of Covid-19 projections. Short of closing down the airports, should there be a moratorium on the X-raying all carry on items?


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