How the diabolical ironclad beetle survives getting run over by a car

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Okay, so I get why it’s called ironclad, but what makes it diabolical? I need to know!


Maybe because it can’t practically be crushed? Certainly not a wuss ironclad beetle.

Hard to squish between fingers and a ring like a Japanese Gem Beetle? Stay tuned for ‘Legend of the Shield Hero’ but all played between beetles with eyestalk gestures (and subtitles.)


The old UNIX fortune program (which provides pithy quotes) used to include the following unattributed quote:

“When man calls an animal ‘vicious’, he usually means that it will attempt to defend itself when he tries to kill it.”

Similarly ‘diabolical’ includes “difficult to kill”, apparently.


Its always the combination of the material and structure.

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Adapted from
Cet animal est très méchant,
Quand on l’attaque il se défend.

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