How the fight against gay marriage fizzled

What about people with non-sports cars? Like those who own station wagons?

What exactly is telling?

That you’re being hypocritical and throwing logic out of the window while bending over backwards to ignore the obvious patterns of bigoted homophobes in an inane quest for false balance.

People aren’t racist because they wear red shoes.

Case and point. No one is making that nonsensical generalization. You’re propping up false arguments. Once you are resorting to propping up false arguments, it’s time for you to reassess your positions.

Again, while I am sure this creature exist, it’s going to be a small minority. You can’t tell me that even a quarter of the vocal, anti-gay population is secretly gay. Generally I thought stereotyping was bad.

You are stereotyping that the vocal, anti-gay population is mostly straight. And, you say this despite evidence to the contrary:

I guess you can wish that away if it makes you uncomfortable, but the evidence is there nonetheless.

Generally I thought stereotyping was bad.

You just stereotyped the vocal, anti-gay population as being straight.

I think the problem may be that you think calling someone else gay is an insult. It’s not. Have you considered that it’s your own loathing or self-loathing that’s at play here?

It’s not an insult to say that a conservative is gay. Get that straight.

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I think @daneel 's point flew way over your head.


I think that’s part of it. Also, there are more and more bigots dying off. The shift in GenX people happened a long time ago regarding gay marriage. We don’t care - other than the minority bigoted ones.
GenY was never on the side of bigotry and they have all been voting for a while.

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How about: “If you care about this so much, you must have a reason.”


Haha - I think I missed a few words there at first.

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I am (verrrrryyyy sssllowwwwllllyyy) socking away money for a sportscar. I intend to counter such barbs by buying a Triumph Spitfire, which is both tiny and hilariously unreliable.

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I had a colleague who had four or five Spitfires (in the US!) between his father and himself. None of them are running.

Personally, I want either a Caterham or a Morgan 3 Wheeler.

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That’s ironic, because my whole beef was the whole hypocrisy of the initial statement. I’m not sure how I am throwing logic out the window, when I am not the one that is taking a small segment of a population and defending it’s use as a generalization for the whole population.

In the recent Gallup poll we had 43% of people polled against gay marriage. Gays make up about 4% of the population. Even if we doubled that number and applied it to the 43% against gay marriage it would still be a small amount of the population, and certainly not where one could claim “only ~69.3 percent of the people who oppose gay marriage are creepy right-wing nuts waking sweatily to dreams of repressed cock-hunger.”

If one were to make such a statement about another class of people, even with statistics showing that the statement were true for a portion of the population, they would be instantly labeled an “-ist”.

I think some people would take offense to it. I thinking calling someone something they aren’t is inherently meant an insult. Obviously people use the word gay as an insult, as we have PSAs reminding us to please not do that

In general, that which you hate in others is that which you unconsciously hate about yourself. So when we spew about things we often are telling on ourselves.

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whole beef

(cow shakes angry hoof at Mister44)


Anyone who devotes so much energy to any side of an argument has some sort of horse in the race. Whether it’s that they are super hetero and super religious, and thus super disturbed by the very idea of homosexuality… Or, that they are closet cases who hate that part of them that wants a good tug at the purple knight.

It’s kind of easy to explain it by noting that people are generally a bit lazy and selfish. It’s honestly hard to get them really motivated about something that has little bearing on their lives. Simply put, I think the average person, whether pro or con, really doesn’t care enough to invest a lot into the fight.


I want to be allowed to do whatever I want, therefore I vote to allow other people to do whatever they want. So far in Australia its not working, unfortunately.

Because of Stonewall. And Harvey Milk. And because people began coming out. Because people stopped hiding. Because they refused to be forced to continue to hide.

“Every gay person must come out. As difficult as it is, you must tell your immediate family. You must tell your relatives. You must tell your friends if indeed they are your friends. You must tell the people you work with. You must tell the people in the stores you shop in. Once they realize that we are indeed their children, that we are indeed everywhere, every myth, every lie, every innuendo will be destroyed once and all. And once you do, you will feel so much better”
― Harvey Milk


Gays make up about 4% of the population.Gays make up about 4% of the population.

You throw out that 4% number as if it’s fact. You really think closeted, self-loathing, conservative, homophobic homosexuals are going to admit their secret longings in a poll?

You’re glossing over reality because the truth obviously makes you uncomfortable.

ONCE AGAIN (Please don’t ignore this again):

Your 4% number is obviously a joke when we’re talking about vocal homophobes.

Quip About Irrelevance Of Statistics Attracts Angry Mentat


Y’all will roll your eyes but I started to change my mind when, at 8 months pregnant and trying to find a church to attend, there was a discussion of a political nature before a statewide referendum. Until that time I was undecided but leaning to a ban on same sex marriage, but having them bring a political discussion up during church irked me (as much as having religious things occur within a public school system makes me insanely mad) and swayed me the other way, against what they were arguing. We don’t go to that church, ours is lead by a gal who has been together with her gal for a few decades.

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[quote=“Cowicide, post:36, topic:26331, full:true”]
You throw out that 4% number as if it’s fact. You really think closeted, self-loathing, conservative, homophobic homosexuals are going to admit their secret longings in a poll? [/quote]

Well I grabbed what I hoped to be a non-controversial number from Gallup poll (IIRC). I am well aware no poll is going to be perfect, and I have seen higher estimates elsewhere, which is why I proposed to double that number.

I can’t read your psychologytoday link as I don’t have a subscription. Your livescience link, past the headline, is littered with “may” this and “may” that, and includes warnings like “Ryan cautioned, however, that this link is only one source of anti-gay sentiments.” It also doesn’t give us any numbers. Something like 69.3% of those with homophobic views had same sex desires.

I’ve already agreed there are people like that. Obviously there are several well known examples. You’re right we don’t know exact numbers. I even took this into account when I suggested we doubled that number. Lets triple it, quadruple it. We still don’t approach the snarky 69.3%. I hardly see how one can defend generalizing the whole group as such.

I just find it, like I said, childish and disingenuous to suggest someone who is anti-gay secretly wants the cock, as I would if one suggested a militant feminist secretly has penis envy.

If one were to make such a statement about another class of people, even with statistics showing that the statement were true for a portion of the population, they would be instantly labeled an “-ist”.