Homophobic attitudes linked to psychological problems


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Well, color me surprised. /s


‘sensitivity to disgust’?


Frankly, I’m concerned!


Putin is in the biggest closet there is.


This creates a dilemma. I’m totally into broken psychopaths, but how do I date a homophobe?


My question is, how much of Russia did he leave for everyone else after he made the country his closet?


Did that study just describe a wide swath of the membership of organized religions? And specifically, 99% of the campus of Liberty University?


Maybe translate that to being concerned with ‘purity’.


Silly me. I always thought homophobic attitudes were a psychological problem.


So - I’m assuming this will be an Axis II disorder? Because they’ll be entering it into the DSM, just like they did being gay or transgender previously.


Well, it certainly seems worthy of inclusion this time, by contrast…


I hope not. If it is you know that someone will try to claim disability discrimination when they are confronted for being homo/transphobic, and there will be someone who will try to accommodate them to the detriment of LGBTQ people.

It’s not that long since I got abuse from someone here for suggesting that such a thing existed.


I dunno.

I don’t enjoy watching men kiss. It has the ick factor for me. Doesn’t mean I don’t want them to do it, I’d just rather not have to watch.

So maybe, if you get angry about that kind of feeling, that’s what they mean by ‘sensitivity to disgust’.

Personally, I was worried if this was some kind of homophobia on my part. Then I realise, I love watching lesbians kiss (amongst other things that they might do) so I guess that cancels it out. :slight_smile:


Then don’t.

Or has someone strapped you into a chair with your eyes clamped open, like in A Clockwork Orange?


Your homophobia is so very very very tired.


I am in this gentlemen’s boat.

Very pro gay marriage, a fair number of family and friends who are gay men, whom I am close with.

Watching men kiss has a squick factor for me, even after many years. I don’t complain or get angry or offended, I just look away. It is my problem, not theirs.

I suspect the OP is much the same. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

That goes for @the_borderer as well.


Think people who can’t handle the word “■■■■■”.


The problem I had was I have heard similar arguments for why queer-bashings weren’t homophobic. If the thug who put someone in hospital for being trans or gay watches porn with lesbians in then they can’t really be homophobic.

Trust me, it’s not funny when it is being used in defence of someone who beat you up.


I guess it makes sense from that perspective.

Bringing lesbian porn into the discussion I just read as being a clod, not an earnest defense.