How the NSA watches international bank transactions: the latest reporting from Snowden's leaks


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What was the point of SOPA? Why write stupid and draconian laws when you know you’re planning to ignore whatever laws there are? They should just pass a law saying the US government never spies on anybody, the internet is free from surveillance, and statements to the contrary are punishable by extraordinary rendition.


Ah, but they only do it because some European companies resort to bribery.

Which is true, seeing that they have to compete with extortion and murder once in a while.

This is always the best way to get decision-makers to pay attention: put a dollar sign on it. Large-scale economic costs? Vague and largely about trends. Looking at my bank accounts? Heads must roll!

Because when it’s encoded in law, then it’s even harder when someone else with enough money/power (Google, et. al) to fight against your abuses when it cuts into their take.

This is good news. Once those with money are effected, we might see some change.

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