How the surreal 90s Ninja Turtles Rock N' Roll Musical Spectacular came to be (and make Oprah uncomfortable)

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Who could have predicted that a black-and-white, independent comic press could publish an anthropomorphic parody of Frank Miller’s acclaimed run on Daredevil from Marvel Comics … only to have the parody becomes its own genre in-and-of-itself, with multiple TV shows and movies and comic books spanning decades, all fueled by toys?

I had the same feeling hear a disco version of the Star Wars theme in a deli the other day. I was hearing a disco version of an alien bar band playing ragtime a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…also fueled by toys.

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About once or twice a year my PE teacher would break out this record to do aerobics to and it was my favorite PE day ever.


I still remember getting the TMNT album on cassette from Pizza Hut. Was one of my earliest music purchases. I have a friend whose first concert was TMNT and I am forever jealous.

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But don’t you get it? They came out of their shells.

I had the good fortune of going to one of these shows! A family friend (of my friend’s family) worked at a local radio station and got us free tickets. I don’t remember anything about their shells. Sadly, my actual memories of this show are limited to:

  1. it was very crowded, and
  2. I bought a souvenir poster

(I never said it was a great story!)

My image searching for the poster is turning up vastly different designs than mine. I wonder if I might still possibly have it somewhere…

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