How the sushi-making scene in Isle of Dogs was made


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Love Wes Anderson’s movies…er…films… (Rushmore is still one of my all-time favorites) and the animation in Isle of Dogs is amazing…however, am I the only one who feels his works are becoming incredibly derivative?


I didn’t know you could chop up a Big Mouth Billy Bass like that.



life aquatic was the last wes anderson film i actually liked. everything after darjeeling is not my cup of tea (no pun intended). as an animator i’m not fond of the stop motion style he uses; i think it’s too clunky. this could be due to henry selick not working on them (idk). anderson’s style is lost within itself at this point and the stories are boring; i blame this on who he collaborates with on story. if owen wilson would write another one i’m almost certain i would love it.


Yes, but you’re welcome to your opinion.


wait, I thought we were supposed to hate this movie for being exploitative of Japan and the dogs speak English?


Speaking as an emotionally stunted man suffering from a vague sense of ennui and strained parental relationships, I will very likely keep watching Wes Anderson films even if they have become a little repetitive.


Everyone should have a place in their heart for things no one else likes. For me, it’s Wes Anderson films. For my wife, it’s channel ID true crime shows. It’s when she starts taking notes that I’m concerned.


I think I’m in the middle of these two opinions.
I particularly like a couple of his films but find the rest quite samey. Still, be boring if we all agreed on everything.


Isle of Dogs was delightful. So was the Fantastic Mr Fox.


I loved “Isle of Dogs.”

I know someone who would love it to, right up to the sushi scene, at which point she’d run out of the room in a huff in sympathy with the poor slaughtered plasticine fish.

I go to every Wes Anderson film with great anticipation. Most I love; a few (including those folks here rate as their favorite) I get a severe “meh” out of.


So, what happens in the movie after he tasted the wasabi poison with the tip of his tongue???


This is the first case I’ve seen on the internet of an actual request for a spoiler. :grin:


I’ve seen the movie. So maybe we can call it a reminder :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I enjoy his movies. The sameness is fine with me. If I want to see something different, I’ll watch a movie by someone else.

@Chaz1, my wife also watches all those true crime shows. They’re not an acquired taste. Either a person is born with an appetite for them, or else each additional one takes a little piece of you away forever. I did like the one about the Mormon document forger.


Are your wives “murderinos”? I’ve recently discovered that there’s a whole huge community.:scream: And that I’m one, too. :sweat_smile:


Life Aquatic and Darjeeling Limited are splendid movies that demand to be rewatched.

I found Moonrise Kingdom slightly creepy…and Grand Budapest was ok, until (spoiler) Jeff Goldblum’s cat was killed. That wasn’t cool.


Over the years I’ve come to deeply appreciate Gene Hackman’s performance as Royal Tenenbaum.


How the sushi-making scene in Isle of Dods was made"

I honestly came here expecting this to be an article about the rise of artisanal sushi shops in London’s gentrified E14.