What if the new Star Wars was a Wes Anderson film?




Not symmetrical enough for a Wes Anderson film !


That’s fantastic. I want to see that movie right now.

I like The Life Aquatic, but I would have loved to have seen Anderson try the setting in outer space. The grand coldness of space, combined with warm intimate relationships and wood paneling- it likely would have made my top 5 all-time list.


Failure. Does not use Futura; also, the French rings false. Cute idea, though.


Yeah, it’s like a trailer put together by someone who has never watched a Wes Anderson film but only has an idea of what he represents. Random, non-Futura sans-serif? Lobster? Polaroids?

I don’t like what Wes Anderson has become, but this totally fails to hit on his aesthetic or the subsumption of content into that aesthetic.


Meh, kind of half-assed and not that amazing.

… and I’m going to guess that “Espace Fémme” would be both grammatically and orthographically correct. (Femme de l’Espace).


I was just thinking that it needed to be a flat ratio.


Pretty sure I’d rather have Wes Anderson direct the new Star Wars film than J.J. Abrams. Owen Wilson as a Sith Lord would pretty sweet.


Even the famous Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders gets things wrong about Anderson. It ends with the assurance that it’s “Rated G”


Life Aquatic: R
Darjeeling Limited: R
Royal Tenenbaums: R
Rushmore: R
Bottle Rocket: R
Grand Budapest Hotel: R

OK, Moonrise Kingdom was PG-13, and Fantastic Mr Fox was a PG, but Anderson does know how to produce a movie for non-juvenile audiences. “Coterie” would probably earn an R, but for the “wrong” reasons.


I came here to say: “espace femme” translates to “woman space”, not “space woman”.

/maybe, he was talking about a mikveh?


From IMDB’s entry for the Granda Budapest Hotel:

1.37 : 1 (1930s scenes)
1.85 : 1 (1985- scenes)
2.35 : 1 (1960s scenes)

IIRC, Andersen was thinking of using scope for Bottle Rocket.


The color palate need to be more washed out…


I was watching the Coen Brothers’ Inside Llewelyn Davis the other day, and although it’s a great film and a solid companion to “A Serious Man”, I found myself being annoyed by the color. It’s not that it’s an inappropriate grade; it’s that it’s graded at all.


Maybe the bad French is part of the joke?

Just saying.


Well, I’m disappointed by the [insert pedantic Wes Anderson movie style detail here]. That minor difference made it total waste of the last 90 seconds of my life. Not funny or clever. That fool!


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