Isle of Dogs: trailer for stop-motion Wes Anderson movie about dogs

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Can’t get here fast enough.


I absolutely loved Fantastic Mr Fox, so I’ve been eagerly awaiting this for a long time.

Two thoughts on watching the trailer, though:
• I hope he doesn’t get any crap about use of Japanese culture for this, but I bet he will.
• Wow, Wes Anderson is really doubling down on his signature “center everything in the frame” aesthetic.


Still need to see Mr Fox, but this looks very good. Will take the kiddo.


Oooh. See Mr. Fox. Maybe on your own first. Depending on age of kiddo.


Fantastic Mr. Fox is, well, fantastic. Well worth seeing!

Also, this movie couldn’t possibly be any more Wes Anderson.


… which will very likely include his Kodachrome-like colors and slow-motion shot endings.


Why not? I don’t get too excited about the appropriation talks these days; however, I admit it was tough for me to watch what looks like a Japanese movie where they all speak English and have English names. It’s more of a suspension of disbelief thing for me and less appropriation abuse, but it still makes me cringe. I don’t care for it.

Fantastic Mr. Fox fell into the uncanny valley for me, but this doesn’t creep me out that way for some reason. Shut up and take my money!

The main human character of the movie has a Japanese name and only speaks Japanese.


It’s missing Anderson’s Father/Son- Freud dynamics.

Ah thank you! Missed that I was trying to sneak a viewing at work. So the dog’s language is English… kind of cute!

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The animation in FMF was great, but I was hoping that Anderson would ‘upgrade’ to employing the LAIKA production company; their stop-motion is the best I’ve ever seen (ref: Caroline, et al).

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Their stop-motion is astonishingly good; the artistry of KUBO is probably the best stop-motion I’ve seen on screen. But Wes Anderson’s said that he really likes the handmade, less-polished look of the old Rankin Bass specials, with fur that jiggles around from frame-to-frame.


Whoa! I was afraid that might have been the reason. (Perhaps cost-related, also? LAIKA’s stuff looks to be much more ‘fluid’.)

I remember seeing some making-of special in which the animators talked about telling him that there’s no way they could do the foxes and animals in Mr Fox stop-motion, because their clothes and fur would shift around frame-to-frame and it’d look messy and rough, and he was like exactly, that’s how I remember stop-motion looking when I was a kid, make it look handmade. So the clouds & smoke are made from cotton balls, etc. It’s a fun aesthetic :slight_smile:


Like… Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

I get it. :wink:


Yup, and almost entirely from his fellow Gaijin.

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It’s already started. The Birth, Movies, Death comment thread is a dumpster fire.

good for any age above 5. cc @Mister44

Every film Wes Anderson has done has been fantastic. My fave is The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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