How the University of New Hampshire spun blowing a frugal librarian's donation on a stupid football scoreboard


You’re assuming they cast a reflection…


There is another possible explanation: the administrators were all obsessed with the 1989 film “Field of Dreams” and finally had a chance to make their fantasy a reality.


College professors and librarians are more often than not wonderful and dedicated academics, but college administration manages to select from some of the scummiest sleaze-buckets in the country,

THIS. And university vice-presidents, like scum, seem to procreate by some kind of asexual cell division, whereby they can rapidly spread across campus devouring all resources-- especially salary budgets.


Just a note to point out that the stereotypes that people have about librarians (Shy, retiring, detail obsessed, happier with book than with people, obsessed with process) are the stereotypes that librarians have about catalogers. It certainly sounds like this guy was somewhere on the spectrum but he managed to find a job that dovetailed nicely with his skills and limitations. I wonder whether my father knew him, my father worked in the UNH library in the mid to late 60s…


Wait. Are we supposed to have bows? [Looks around office.] I don’t have a bow. I have these robes and fancy decanal bonnet, and I have a large number of periodic tables, but I don’t have a bow and I’m worried I missed a memo.


The cultural differences between NH and VT are always startling given their geographic "peas in a apod resemblance. UVM proudly does not even have a football team.


All the medieval history professors are hoarding them… (and I’m not a medieval history prof… just a lowly modern US/US in the world lecturer).


Well the provost usually has a mace…



If it were hockey, it would make more sense!


Donations are donations. Expenses are expenses. If he wanted to buy new computers for the faculty, he could have done it.
It’s like how most of us understand that we must pay taxes, but don’t want them spent on bombers, or abortions, or hookers for White House staff. It’s always going to be controlled by the most corrupt individuals you can imagine.


I live in a university town, and the uni has likewise decided that nothing, no matter how logical and sound, not even one of the losing-est records around, will stand in its way of spending money on the football team. How common is this BS, and what’s the gist of the scam?


It’s very common, sadly. Influenced by snake-oil selling consultants, a lot of administrators see it as a way to brand their schools, complete with logos, taglines, mascots, etc. They’re sold on the idea that it will make them just like a lot of other famous schools, forgetting the fact that those schools actually had winning sports programmes to begin with, programmes often matched by academic excellence.


­ ­ Ooook, as a Librarian Of Note once said.


I am an alumnus, and recently used this disgrace to stop a fund-raising call in its tracks.
I do feel sorry for the work-study student cold calling everyone, but I cant give to my school knowing that they will likely waste the money.


If you look at UNH’s record, they don’t really have a football team either.


Next time I pay my taxes, I’m going to specify that it is only to be used for abortions for the White House staff hookers.


Get rid of the racism, capitalism, militarism and exploitation and it isn’t a bad game. It doesn’t have to suck.

I look forwards to celebrating the first winners of the Kaepernick Cup.


Two things I’d love to see the end of: organized college sports and F’KING motorcycles


Even without the greed and racism there will still be rampant CTE… you’ll never divorce brain damage from a sport where you slam 250-300 pound monsters together. Physics is a bitter goddess