How the US government exerts control over ICANN


Private sector means bottom-up? I expect that would be news to many corporate executives. Oh, you meant hobbyists tinkering in their garage and EE undergrads?

a private-sector led or a governmental-controlled approach

So basically, Death or Ru-Ru.

“which in turn is characterized as a choice between a private-sector led, bottoms-up, consensus model (ICANN) or a governmental-controlled approach.”

Characterized by who? The very idea that ICANN can be described by any of those adjectives is absurd. Anyone who knows how ICANN works knows that they are controlled by the U.S. government. And Boing Boing itself has had many articles about that very problem:

In short, I’m not sure who he is trying to convince here, or what he is trying to convince them of. Is he arguing for ITU control, so that the situation can be made worse?

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