The Credible Hulk: Ajit Pai thinks you only care about Net Neutrality because Mark Ruffalo told you to


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Even if that’s true - it doesn’t fucking matter why


Ajit Pai would probably call burning the constitution a good thing because it ends government control.


It eliminates government protections, and in their place allows corporate controls and exploits. It gives more power to the powerful, and less to regular Americans.
I don’t see why that’s so hard to understand, but it’s more than that he’s paid not to understand it.


I was listening to the debate between Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders, and this was exactly the same tactic Cruz used. Government (and taxes specifically) bad, corporations good! I can sort of understand why someone might think government is bad, if they’re not very educated and are painting with too broad a brush, but I have trouble imagining the kind of brainwashing it takes to convince people that huge corporations that have an obvious financial interest in exploiting the ever-loving fuck out of them at every conceivable level are somehow looking out for their best interests.



:cry: :cry: :cry:



And meanwhile, us Indians can feel smug again!


How can someone with such an obvious of a lack of intelligence rise to such a position?


In other news, the NFL announced plans to remove restrictions known as “referees” from games and usage of performance enhancers would be deregulated. Claims that this would only help richer and less principled teams were discounted.


The right-wingers I’ve seen supporting the elimination of Net Neutrality use the same argument: they think the Internet is currently “controlled” by the US Government under the orders of Obama, and that this will “free” it. Of course, the opposite is true, and when Comcast is telling them they aren’t allowed to look at porn or Reddit on their coach-class web service anymore they’ll be crying, but it’ll be too late for the rest of us to enjoy the schadenfreude.


To Ajit PaI: we live in a Democracy, so “government control” is supposed to be control by the people. Giving that control to corporations whose main goal is maximizing profits means the people will have no say except via their pocketbooks, which means only the wealthy will have rights. Is that how a good democracy is supposed to work?

In other words, when you say “government control is bad” it’s like you’re saying we already live in a dictatorship.


THIS. it’s not government control…its government regulation. It’s the government acting as our duly appointed representative and shielding us from being preyed upon by corporations who see us as cash cows.


Ajit Pai

He is TGOP’splaining again.


Hey, congrats on waking up from that coma you’ve been in for the past year or so! I hope the rest of your recovery goes well.


Is this the latest corollary to Godwin’s Law, or should it have a name of its own?

(I only care about net neutrality because Cory Doctorow told me to.)


Don’t mistake a corporate shill with an agenda with lack of intelligence.
This is a Verizon lawyer earning a pay check.


Kim’s Law


But if an ISP isn’t acting in the people’s best interest, they can just switch to another one. /s


Well, his arguments are shit. Not that it matters, its not being debated anyhow. This is cheap theater.