Ajit Pai says an informed public (not Net Neutrality) will discipline ISPs (BTW, he's also killing the rules forcing ISPs to inform the public)


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Some people seem to approach capitalism with a blind religious zealotry.


I’m really looking forward to a huge blue wave, so that we can not only reverse everything these jackholes are doing, but push the pendulum so far back the other way that whoever hires Pai actually has to fire him for pissing off the electorate so much that they lost everything they’d worked for AND ended up with really punitive laws in addition to it.




Conveniently, Pai and his extreme “free” market extremist ilk have underfunded public K-12 schools to ensure that the American public is not an informed one.


You know, I’d be somewhat willing to forgive Pai if I thought there was the slightest chance that he genuinely ideologically believed that the internet was somehow better off without NN.

But his arguments are too well-crafted and disingenuous; he’s doesn’t believe a word he’s saying, he’s just trying to make a quick buck by probably doing BILLIONS in economic harm to America.

And that’s why everyone hates him. He’s transparently lying to try and screw the entire country in exchange for a tiny bit of money. And probably thinks he’s smart for doing it. Ugh.


… At least it’s not Bigby’s groping hand? * shows self out the door *


Transparent bullshit - obviously the creation of local oligopolies with almost no scope for competition. The problem could be corrected if we make public officials directly liable for misfeasance in office and lower the standard of proof.


exactly why i prefer Russian corruption. The bribe is more proportionate to the harm.


Internet service in America is going to get worse before it ever gets better.


If one ignores the “tiny bit” qualifier, that’s the entire Trump cabinet, no?


If it looks like Ajit Pai, and smells like Ajit Pai, it’s probably Ajit Pai.


We give ISPs two options for disclosure. First, they may include the disclosures on a publicly available, easily accessible website… Alternatively, ISPs may transmit their disclosures to the Commission, and we will make them available on a publicly available, easily accessible website.

Alternatively, customers seeking disclosures may visit, in person, the ISP’s Disclosure Office, a one-man shack located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that is open between the hours of 5 am and 6 am on the third Thursday of every other month. Customers may be required to pay a “Disclosure Recovery Fee” of $8,000.


Probably more true (as per NovaeDeArx’s reply).


I think convention dictates that you really meant “Beware of the leopard” etc.


The supposed optimizing characteristics of the free market are based on the assumption of perfect knowledge, and perfect rationality. Large corporations do everything in their power to eliminate the first, and human nature takes care of the second.

‘No barriers to entry’ also figures strongly among the assumptions, because of course everyone is free to start a business that can compete effectively against a trillion-dollar telco that owns all the wires.

I’m sure Mr Pai’s idea will work fine. Just fine.




We can name the next recession after him.


These words + poop emoji + t-shirts…make it happen


yeah, like hurricanes