How to bake a chocolate cake in an orange


Keep in mind this very important step: “Put the tops back on the oranges and wrap them in aluminum foil.”

I tried this trick once on a camping trip. I was not told to wrap the orange in aluminum foil, although that wasn’t a problem–the outer peel didn’t burn, and the cake cooked nicely. Still I think it would have helped. No, the bigger problem was that I wasn’t told to put the top back on the orange and didn’t think to do it, so the upper part of my cake tasted like ash.

The lower part was still delicious, though.

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We’ve done this a couple times now on bigger camping trips. The foil helps, and it’s freaking delicious.

That said, choose your cake flavor wisely. Too white, and the orange overpowers it. Also, “pudding” cake mix to keep it ■■■■■ doesn’t always cook as predictably.

Very cool idea though and we’ll likely do it again.

I’m sure they’re delicious, but those cake-oranges look like murdered aliens.

Yes, they did look a bit like an experiment gone awry. And no one will ever mistake me for a professional (or even amateur) food photographer. But when it came to eatin’, no one seemed to care about the appearance too much.

Nor would I have! In fact I’d have eaten more than my fair share, all the while making fun of their appearance like an asshole. Thanks for sharing the story and pictures.

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