Lumberjack cake: tartan batter?

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calling @japhroaig I think you have a new project.


That is insane. How do you… The bark…? How is that axe balanced there…? There must be the corpses of a thousand cakes behind that photo.


There are cake pans you can get that have circular, removable dividers in them. You pour in different colors of batter and then remove the divider before baking.

Here’s a link:

To make the plaid effect just takes a little planning of the colors.


It looks like two layers worth of cake were wasted - the burgundy collapses into two layers and the light red and black need two layers each. That’s assuming you can’t divide the cake into rings beforehand and colour them separately, or dye the light red rings black after cutting them. The bark could be melted chocolate dried into strips, while the axe could well have a cocktail stick anchoring the tip into the cake.

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OMG, near the end she says “It’s like netflix for cake tutorials” :smiley:


It would be Sooo much easier to simply make several sheet cakes, and cut them into strips, then assemble. There is no color bleeding between layers in the photo and it has been internally frosted, so my bet goes to that technique.

And the ‘bark’ on the outside is hiding flaws from cutting the cake into a circle. But that is also the point of exterior decoration on most food.

The bark is dusted with sugar. However a more advanced technique (not used here) would be to get a super excessive bloom after molding the chocolate. It is usually considered an imperfection, but in this case would look even more natural.

Now where is the maple ice cream.


Huh, I’ll have to check (giggle) those out. Still color me (second giggle) dubious that the separation of dyes is that clean.

My SO also has a ton of coupons for Michaels.

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I realised that, but only a couple of slices would look this good, and only from one side, so I would consider that Cheating. I want to believe that someone actually made a cake that looked this awesome in real life. Basically, I want to make this cake.


So do I. I may Spring for one of those cake molds (am I seriously doing cake puns?)


My wife and I tried that once. The different batters didn’t stay neatly divided and instead of plaid we ended up with a tie-dye effect inside the cake.

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For the glaze, would white icing topped with caramel work? You could draw the rings with a skewer before they set. As for the internal icing, is it all just chocolate?


You can only cut lumberjack cake with a marzipan axe.


How about removing the dividers AFTER baking it? Make sure they are well sprayed or nonsticked somehow.

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Thanks. Out of stock, though, and not available in Canada.

Amazon, US and CA, does carry some. For some reason, the prices vary from $11US to $167 PLUS shipping (wtf, In any case, I can get it cheap.


My guess is she used some kind of concentric ring cake form and removed the dividers after partially baking them since it didn’t look like they were separate rings. For the bark maybe large chocolate shavings piled up in strips and slightly remelted together.

Anyway, neat cake.


I’m wondering about the axe as well - I can’t even tell what it’s made of - fondant? I assume it’s held up by some rod in the center of the cake. The chocolate bark is easy enough - I’ve made similar for a bûche de Noël by pouring melted chocolate on an uneven surface covered with plastic wrap then cooling and dusting with powdered sugar. Messing with a bunch of ring cakes of different colors to create the plaid effect seems like more effort than it’s worth to me, though. I don’t think you’d have to go through too many cakes to get it right.

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It’s a lumbercake and it’s OK,
It tastes alright but it takes all day.


Congratulations sir, you’ve just won the internet.


I’ve already got one.